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May 2020

In this issue...

  • Society Year End
  • Service Recognition
  • Rank Advancement
  • Online Competition Results

Society Year End

Here it is, middle of May. This week we would normally be dashing about receiving ribbons, printing certificates, preparing the program for our annual awards banquet. So its pretty quiet here at the home. The ribbons are sitting in the corner with no winners to assign. They will have to wait till sometime in the fall when we can all sit down for a celebration.

In the meantime...

The service points have been posted to member activity reports. The activity reports should be online by the time you read this (sorry about the rogue emails last night - testing.) You will find the reports at the bottom of the My Membership Page after you log in.

So, with those points posted, the year end results - minus the annual competition - can be completed.

Service Recognition for Year Ending April 30, 2020

Announcing those Society Members who have earned a Service Recognition Certificate - Thank you for your service to the Society!
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Recognizing Rank Advancement

The members named in this post are to be congratulated for showing their continued growth as a photographer.
This recognition is validation of the Society's goal of stimulating interest in photography
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Results: Online Competition - 5/7/2020

The results for the May 2020 Online Competition are now available
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Results: Online Competition - 5/7/2020

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