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We Are

Tacoma Photographic Society, established in 1956, is a group of avid photographers of all skill levels and diverse interests. We enjoy getting together to share our knowledge, enhance our skills, socialize with other photographers, and meet new friends. We are an award-winning club with members who like nothing more than to get out and shoot.

Although our membership is generally from the Tacoma area, everyone is welcome…. whether you are a budding photographer or a seasoned professional! We enjoy learning from each other and sharing our images!

TPS sponsors a variety of activities to help members develop their photographic skills and interests. Our activities include monthly meetings, competitions, events, field trips and educational opportunities.

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We Do


a high key image of trees in a forest during a snowfall

We provide educational opportunities through workshops and clinics. You will find more educational resources on the Resources Page


a multiple exposure image of a baseball pitcher throwing his pitch

Twice a month, at our Division Meetings, we hold juried competitions of our member’s work. Click over to the Competitions Page to view the results galleries from these competitions.

Field trips

a photographer carries his tripod and camera on his shoulder as he picks his way through logs on a beach

Members are encouraged to lead and support field trips to local photogenic locations or trips further afield.

All activities of the Tacoma Photographic Society are open to everyone unless otherwise specified. The details for each event will be found on our Calendar Page.


In 1956 the Society incorporated, defining two Divisions in our bylaws. The Divisions were formed around the two presentation media types available in the day: Projection; and Print.

Today, the Society still maintains those Divisions. Projection has evolved from slide and transparency films to digital files presented as projected images. Print still displays printed media prepared by members on their personal printers, or from local commercial shops.

Regardless of the media presentation, the meetings follow a similar agenda: Society Business; Division Business; Society Competition; Division Competition; and Image Critique. We find the Image Critique an extremely valuable educational opportunity. The images present examples of composition and technique opportunities to all.

Projection Division

Projection meetings are currently being held as virtual sessions on the first Wednesday of the month.

Print Division

Print meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month.

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