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A brief description of the Membership Dashboard and some suggestions on how to take advantage of it.

What is the Member Dashboard?

The Member Dashboard Page is found at

This is the page for you, our members. Here is where you log in to the site. Here is where you will find your user profile. Here is where you will find News and Events that we feel you need to see.

Take a moment and set this page into your favorites. This way you can skip the Home Page and get right to the information you need.

Not the Home Page

The Home Page is for non-members. People who come by looking for information about our Society. People who are not yet members but might one day join.

We want this page to make prospects want to explore more so we will be putting some of your best work on display as the front-page banner image, or as a part of the small gallery beside the brief description of who we are.

But enough with the Home Page, let’s get back to your Dashboard.

Member Login

The big blue button is there for you to log in to the site with.

Click on it and you will be taken to a login page where you can enter your username or email, and your password. Forgot your password? There is a link below the Login button.

Enter your credentials and press the Login button. You are returned to the Member Dashboard.

Your Member Profile

Now that you are logged in, a summary of your profile is presented to you here. The information is fairly obvious we think. Username, Membership Level, Account Status, when your account expires.

You can Logout here, or from the Logout tab on the main navigation bar.

Click on Edit Profile, and you can fill in other information that you may want to share with other members. We would like your phone number at the very least as it helps our Fieldtrip and Workshop organizers contact you if there is a change.

Member List

While we are talking about your profile, on the section menu (the lower one), you will see a link called Member List.

This link will take you to a list of all of our members. You will find member emails and phone numbers here. The data comes from your profile that you filled out above.

We keep this information hidden from non-members. If you let your membership expire, then again, you will not be able to view this list.

Because search engines are not members of the Society, they won’t be able to scrape your data from our database into theirs. While we can’t be 100% certain that this is safe, we feel it is 99% there.

Your Favorites

This is a new feature that we hope you will find useful.

After you log in, there will be a button in the top left corner of all pages and posts. It is labeled Bookmark. If you click this button, a link to the page you are on will be added to your favorites.

Want to mark a helpful tutorial so you can find it later. This is how.

Want to mark this month’s entry form for Print or Projection. This is how.

Member News

The center column of the page is a feed of news articles which have been specifically selected to show on the Member Dashboard. The feed is organized as newest at the top.

Upcoming Events

The items in the Upcoming Events column are events and activities that have, again, been specifically selected to show on the Member Dashboard. These events include meeting dates and competition events. The feed will show events from the start of the month onward.

All other events will be posted to the Calendar where you will find these and any other events you may be interested in.

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