Meetings and Competitions


At the time of this writing, Tacoma Photographic Society has two divisions: Projection and Print.

Calendar articles are created for each month detailing the meeting time and location. The time is usually a Thursday evening. First Thursday of the month for Projection Division, and third Thursday for Print Division.


Each monthly division meeting has an associated competition. Two competitions actually. The Society level Assigned Topic or Theme Competition, and the Division Competition.

Calendar articles are created for each month when there is a competition. These articles span the 14 days prior to the closing date of the competition. Opening the article will reveal the competition rules, the Assigned Topic for the month and, depending on your membership level, the entry fields that enable uploading your image to this site and entering it into the competition.

While it is possible to schedule when a calendar article will appear, it is not possible to block the uploading of entries after the competition closing date. It is up to the Division Secretary to determine if an entry received after the closing date will be entered into the competition for the month.