Website Changes

We are attempting to make this site simpler to navigate while providing you, our members, with more functionality.

This is a long list, and there are more to come…

Login has moved

The login page is now located under the Membership Tab.
This was done to make space for the following.

Competition Page button added

Rather than have members look to the bottom of the Competition Tab, we have placed a button in the menu that will take you to the current competition page.

Competition Tab has been reworked

Under Competition, modified some pages

  • Judging Guidelines now has a subpage showing the Juried Competition Process. This page shows the steps a Judge will use to rate or score each image.
  • Projection Division Rules has changed to Projection Division. The page has also been updated to reflect online competition
  • Online Competition Rules has changed to Society Competition. This is in keeping with the changes to the online competitions
  • Current Online Competition has been removed. Press the Competition Page button on the main menu.

New Page: Juried Competition Steps

If you are asked (or are curious) to be a competition judge, you will want to take a look at this page. It shows step by step instructions for scoring each image.
As mentioned above, this page is a subpage off of the Judging Guidelines page.

New Page: Board Meeting Minutes under Membership

When any member, or past member, is logged in to the site, they will be able to see the link to the new Board Meeting Minutes Page. The Membership Roster is only visible to active members.
Clicking through to the page, you will find a list of all of the meeting minutes currently available. We will be adding more in the future. The links are to PDF formatted documents which you can open in your browser, or download.

Changed Projection Division Page

The content is like what was there before, but it has been updated to reflect the way we are moving to a fully online presence for the foreseeable future.
Like the Online Competition Page, this page now has a list of the year’s competitions in the right-hand column.

Renamed Online Competitions to Society Competitions

As we get into the groove of awarding photographic points, the Online Competitions will become Society Competitions (think Theme). First, Second and Third Place winners by popular vote are awarded photographic points.
This rename is to align the page to the Society structure.

New Header Bar

Yes, the header bar above the menu has changed, but we have also added a header bar below the menu. This bar shows your name when you are logged in. It will disappear as you scroll down the page.

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