Website Changes

What? Again!

Yep. Again. The wonderful thing about publishing through a website is that it is flexible and can change rapidly. The terrible thing about publishing through a website is that it does change.

What Changed

  • The Contest Page has changed
  • The Review Post is new
  • A list of Society Assigned Topics (Themes) is available
  • The ZOOM meeting link is now a part of the Calendar Event

Contest Page Changes

The way we arrange and manage the competition pages has changed. Because of limitations with the photo contest plugin, we are trying a new approach. This approach is to maintain a single WordPress page to host the contest. The review galleries for the contest will be built as a WordPress post.

The photo contest plugin will not work on a post. It must be made part of a page. This meant copying the content from a previous contest onto the new contest page and setting up the galleries for the review meeting.

By changing to this new format, the contest page is always constant reducing the opportunities for errors and issues. The review meeting posts will be available to members until we decide to delete the content due to things like space constraints.

Review Posts

The Competition tab in the top menu. Click on it and you should open the Current Competition Page.

Hover over the Competition tab and this drop down list will appear.

The Society Assigned Topic page has the rules for those competitions and a sidebar with all past competitions.

Likewise, the Projection Division page has the rules and a sidebar for projection division competitions.

We haven’t done anything to the Print Division page because… well because we aren’t doing Print competitions at this time.

Society Assigned Topics (Themes)

You will find a list for future assigned topics out through July on the Society Assigned Topics Page.

ZOOM Meeting Links

We have been posting the Zoom Meeting information manually until we found a plugin that was interfaced to the ZOOM site. The two plugins that we tried added a custom post type of which we were unaware. This extra post type added an extra level of maintenance and bother. (if it’s there, you must deal with it.)

To clean this up, we have purchased an extension to the calendar plugin that we are using. This extension adds the capability of linking the calendar events to scheduled ZOOM meetings.

Notice the ZOOM MEETING Icon

There is a new ZOOM Meeting Icon on the meeting announcements you will find in the sidebar.

On those calendar pages there is the Join the Meeting link towards the bottom of the event page. Simply click this link to start or enter the meeting.

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