Updates – 2019 Annual Competition

As members have begun to submit their entries for this year’s Annual Competition, we have made some tweaks to the process on our end.

Entry Form Upload

Your entry forms – the image created from your activity report – are now uploading to a form which will email the file to the TPS.Scorekeeper account. The form was also configured to accept JPG, JPEG and PDF file types.

You should receive a copy of this email just as it is sent to the TPS.Scorekeepter account.

This change was made to improve reliability and reduce hassles.

Projection Re-Submitted Files

The address where these files are uploaded to has been changed to simplify it’s name. This should have no affect to you.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Dave Scott through the contact form, or by phone (253) 394-1599.

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