Yesterday August 7th, Tim Clifton, June Scott, and Dave Scott attended the Olympic Kennel Club’s (OKC) regular meeting. We were there to get more information about the Dog Show and how Tacoma Photographic Members would fit into their expectations.

What we found was…

  • the event runs Wednesday, August 14th through Sunday, August 18th.
  • there are over 2000 dogs registered to compete on Saturday and Sunday
  • there are lots of action events – check out the OKC Website
  • this is going to be a great opportunity to get action and photojournalism (street) photographs
  • this is going to be a great opportunity to make new friends.


To say their members were excited at the prospect of TPS photographers roaming the grounds would be an understatement.

Normally, the hired photographers at their show only shoot the presentation photos of the event winners or some action shots in the agility ring.

OKC is looking for TPS to provide images from behind the scenes. The unstaged journalistic type shots. They want to show the fun and excitement of the event. They hope to use this content to encourage younger people to become a part of the canine community


OKC will provide access to TPS Members who wish to share their images with them. Access means in addition to the public areas, we have been given full access to most restricted areas also.


We are restricted in that we

  • must not enter the exhibition rings.
  • must not interfere with their hired photographers
  • ensure we are not distracting the competitors and their dogs.

All common sense things.


TPS Members will be provided with identity lanyards so that competitors will be able to recognize that we are permitted to be on-site and shooting.

We want you if you decide to participate, to talk to the competitors and attendees. Get to know them and their dogs. Ask them if you can pose them. Show them the shots you have captured. Give them a card if you have one.

Tell them about our club.


OK – check out the event posting for dates, times, locations and more details.

Note that admission to the grounds is free. Parking is $7.00 each day.

Members should login for more information

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