Tweaking our Mailing Lists

We all have a love/hate relationship with email. We love that it keeps us up to date and connected. We hate that we get too much of it.

In an effort to provide some balance to the volume of emails that we produce, we have done some tweaking to our lists and the way you can manage them.

What Lists? You have Lists?

Everyone knows that everyone keeps a list of people and their emails today. If you subscribe to one or more of our email distribuion lists, thank you. If you don’t, please consider subscribing after you read this post.

At the time of this post, we have three distribuion lists you may subscribe to:

  • Tacoma Photo News
  • Tacoma Photo Shutter Release
  • Competition & Meeting Reminders

Tacoma Photo News

This email is targeted at everybody who cares about our Society. (That would be everybody – right) It is scheduled to publish early on Monday morning.

It will provide a summary of the latest posts to the news feed. That would be articles like this one. It also provides a summary of upcoming events, like meetings, competitions and field trips.

Tacoma Photo Shutter Release

This email will let you know about new events being posted to the Society Calendar.

If we decide to do a Photo Safari to the Tulip Fields on this coming Saturday, and it is the Tuesday before, well Tacoma Photo News isn’t going to be very timely. It will inform you about the expedition the Monday after it happened.

So, Tacoma Photo Shutter Release will let you know of new posts to the calendar the morning after the post goes up. That would be Wednesday for for an event posted on Tuesday.

Competition & Meeting Reminders

This email is for the activly competing members. (That would be everyone – right)

Each Division in the Society hosts 10 competitions and meetings each year. One per month but for July and August. We have the meeting events planned out into the future and posted to the calendar. We also have competition events posted to the calendar. These events don’t appear until the week prior to the meeting.

This email will send subscribers a notification that the competition is open for entry and that you should get over to the event calendar to enter.

Managing your email subscriptions

Right! So we have set things up such that all members to the Society are automatically subscribed to each email.

If you are not an active competitor, you may not want the Competition & Meeting Reminder. Maybe the weekly Tacoma Photo News is good enough.

Not a problem. Under the “Members” tab on the main menu, you will find a link Email Subscriptions. Click on that, and you will arrive at the Email Subscription Management Page. Non members can subscribe here. Members can select the communications they wish to receive.

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