Traveling Print Salon

Heather Mack has begun collecting prints for the 2020 Traveling Print Salon.

Traveling Print Salon?

During the Traveling Print Salon, a set of prints from each participating NWCCC club travels from club to club during the winter/spring months. At each club, they are judged and then sent on to the next club. The juried finalists based on the total number of votes of the participating clubs are then judged by independent judges for the final results. These images are displayed and awards announced at the annual fall NWCCC conference in November.

Entering your prints

You may bring your prints to me at either of the November meetings. Depending on the number of people submitting, I will accept up to two prints per person (especially if one of them is a monochrome image). You can also contact Heather to make other arrangements to transfer your prints.

There is a link to Heather’s contact information at the bottom of this post.

Entry Guidelines

  1. The photograph must be the work of the entrant. An image may be submitted in only one of that year’s NWCCC print competitions. The use of a print or print title that has previously won an award in any NWCCC Print Competition will disqualify the print. Photographers are encouraged to enter new images, but prints that have not previously received a NWCCC Print Salon Competition award may be resubmitted in any annual NWCCC print competition.
  2. Images must originate from a photograph taken by the entrant on film or digitally. Electronically manipulated photos may be entered. Vector elements are not allowed. Other graphic elements must have been created by the maker in photo editing software, but not in vector software such as “In Design”.
  3. A photographer may enter in more than one club but no more than six (6) total prints and no more than 4 prints per club, and any one print may only be entered once. A club must enter a minimum of ten (10) up to a maximum of twenty-five (25) prints.
  4. Maximum print and mat size is 16″x20″. The minimum print size is 8″x10″. All prints must be on a firm support so they will stand erect. Masonite or other heavy mounting materials, frames, or glass is not permitted. Matting may be added to the front of the image. Thickness may not exceed that of a standard double mat. Images may be denied entry at the print director’s discretion to prevent over-packing of the print case.
  5. Label the print in the following format: print title, name of the club, and your name on the back top left corner. Makers name or print title cannot appear on the front of the image
  6. Print submissions are entered into Monochrome or Color categories. Monochrome means “one color”. A monochrome or black and white print consists of one color on the white paper base. It may be black tones, warm (brownish), cold (bluish), sepia, or any other color tone.
  7. Judging criteria shall be based on the elements of Impact or Interest, Composition and Technical Quality. Non-affiliated judges will do the final judging of the winners from the salon circuit.

The Northwest Council of Camera Clubs will take all possible care of the prints but are not responsible for damage or loss as a condition for entering any NWCCC competition. Entries may not be returned until after the 2020 NWCCC Conference in November.

Deadline for entries

The club submission deadline is November 24th. The club may submit up to 25 prints. You may bring your submitted prints to me, Heather Mack at the November 7th projection meeting or November 21st print meeting. You can also contact me to make other arrangements to transfer your prints.

Heather’s contact information is available to logged in members in the roster. Click on the button below to view it.

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