TPS Recognition – Photographic Points

Popular Vote and Judges’ Scores …. What’s the deal?
Briefly, the idea is to advance members in Society Rank as they accumulate Photographic Points.
Earning points is heavily weighted toward judges’ scores:

For those who have not successfully plowed through the Recognition section of the TPS booklet or the corresponding section of the Bylaws, this is an attempt to clarify how Photographic Points work. In part, this post is stimulated by the concern voiced by some members that Popular Vote Points seem over-emphasized.

Society Rank
The objective of TPS Recognition is to build each member’s Society Rank over time, by awarding Photographic Points and Service Points. See Section 12 of the Bylaws for more details. As you achieve new ranks in Projection and Print Divisions, you will receive a certificate celebrating that and be recognized at the annual TPS celebration.

In the table below, you can see that as more points are accumulated, the member’s rank is raised … but promotion happens only if the member has accumulated at least one Service Point during the year (more on that in Section 12)

ClassRankAccumulated Photographic Points
R1Member1 through 25.5
R2Associate26 through 60.5
R3Fellow61 through 95.5
R4Star Fellow96 through 130.5
R5Two-Star Fellow131 through 165.5
R6Three-Star Fellow166 through 200.5
R7Four-Star Fellow201 through 235.5
R8Five-Star Fellow236 through 270.5
R9Six-Star Fellow271 through 305.5
R10Seven-Star Fellow306 through 340.5
R11Eight-Star Fellow341 through 375.5
R12Nine-Star Fellow376 through 410.5
R13Ten-Star Fellow411 through 445.5
R14Star Galaxy446 through 480.5
R15Two-Star Galaxy481 through 515.5
R16Three-Star Galaxy516 through 550.5
Additional Ranks for each 35 more points

How to accumulate Photographic Points

Photographic Points are awarded in competitions in three ways.

High Score – Achieving a judges score of 27 or higher gains 1/2 point
Typically 1 to 2.5 points are awarded per competition, as 2 to 5 images qualify

Top Popular Vote – Placing a judged photo 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in Popular Vote
for Assigned Topic or for Division earns 1.5, 1.0 and .5 points, respectively.
Typically 3 to 5 points (or more) are earned through popular vote, as tie votes are frequent

Exceeding your Threshold – Achieving a Judges’ Score that is equal to or over the threshold based on your points accumulated through the end of the prior TPS Competition Year (the prior April)
If you had 1 – 25.5 points (Division Grade 1) the threshold is 22 Points from the judges
If you had 26 – 50.5 points (Division Grade 2) the threshold is 23 Points from the judges
If you had 51 – 75.5 points (Division Grade 3) the threshold is 24 Points from the judges
If you had 76 – 100.5 points (Division Grade 4) the threshold is 25 Points from the judges
For 101 and higher (Division Grade 5) the threshold is 26 Points from the judges
Typically 8 to 20 points are earned this way.

To see your Division Grade and Points, look at the web site > Membership > MyMembership > My Society Rank and Activity Reports. Under Activity Reports, click on the most recent PDF to see your accumulated points at the base of the Projection and Print reportsections.
( Due to the disruptions of COVID-19, these reports are a bit out of date, but that will be updated over the next few months. )

With all this in mind, in Projection Meetings we will recognize all those who achieved points, not limited to Popular Vote placement.

Dick Knudson

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