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Hello TPS members . . .

                  Recently the idea of an ‘education committee’ to spearhead photography training was suggested. I was asked to join this effort. A small group of us met a couple of weeks ago to try and get this started. We are in the infancy stages, and do not know what kind of response there may be. The goal of this effort is ‘to help members become as good of a photographer as they want to be’.

We plan on having learning sessions once a month, even during July and August. The locations will likely vary from month to month. We plan on each session being about an hour and a half long. We feel that smaller groups are best for learning and therefore will be limiting the sessions to 6 people. If there are more than 6 people interested in a session, we will schedule an additional session. Please RSVP to the emails to let us know you will be attending.

The first session will be held at Judi Kubes home in Yelm on Monday June 20th at 5:45 to 6 pm. At this first session we plan on discussing composition. There is much more to composition than I thought at first. The format will be open discussion with input from all attendees. If you have a couple of prints to bring or a thumb drive with an image or two, please bring it. Judi can plug it into her tv.

Some of the topics will be

  • the Fibonacci principle,
  • unity,
  • balance,
  • magic in the middle,
  • camera angle,
  • rule of odds,
  • isolation and
  • cropping
  • plus others.

I have heard a couple of really good wildlife/action photographers in our club say ‘my landscapes suck’. Well, I can say that about my wildlife images. Each person has different strengths, and we hope to take advantage of the strength of each one to help us all get better. We want to be pretty narrowly focused in each session to try and not cover too much material. I have printed a handout for the first session, and we may not get through all of it in one night. But we will adjust. Any suggestions you have, we want to hear them. This is a group effort. I hope some are interested in this.

Topics to (hopefully) be covered in subsequent sessions may include :

  • your camera operation,
  • first curtain sync and second curtain sync etc,
  • how to mirror images,
  • focus stacking,
  • photoshop tools (a few in each session)
  • lightroom tools,
  • topaz,
  • light painting,
  • you tube videos someone has watched and thinks can be helpful (provide link),
  • cropping
  • presentation (type of paper to print on and mat colors that work and possibly the print size),
  • night photography,
  • action photography
  • plus many other topics.

Thank you and take good care.
See you soon,  Douglas Hall

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