TPS continues to do very well in PSA Competitions

Results from Round 3 of the PSA Open and Nature Interclub Projected Image Competitions (PID) are in.  TPS is in Group B for both divisions (these determinations are based upon our scores from last year). TPS continues to do extremely well.  In the Open Division we ended up placing 10th out of 25 clubs from all over the world.  In the Nature Division we were 11th.  This marks the end of the 2020-21 competition year. Club standings are often only separated by one judges point.

Open Division.  Kudos to Nancy Mooney for receiving a perfect score and an Award of Merit for Shades of Autumn (hers was the highest scoring image in Round 3 for Group B).  Kudos also to Tim Clifton for receiving an Honorable Mention for Bad Feather Day (see attachments).  It is RARE to have more than one member in a club receive an award in a given round. 

The Open Division will now hold an End of Year Competition  (EOY) for all  Award of Merit Images from Rounds 1-3.  Images from Sal Ahmed (Devil’s Teeth), Judi Kubes (Autumn Light) and Nancy Mooney (Shades of Autumn) will be under consideration for these end of year awards.

Awards include Best in Show for each group, along with EOY Gold, Silver and Bronze metal Images and an EOY HM Ribbon. Last year our own Tim Clifton won Best in Show for Beauty (one of his wave images). 

In addition to Nancy and Tim, thanks to Cheryl Thielhorn (Goldie), Debbie Klosowski (Portal to Tacoma), Dorinda Wills (Leaf Reflection) and Bud Harris (Hot Coffee) for participating.

Nature Division.  Although TPS members didn’t receive any awards, scores from participating members were consistently strong – just one judges point made the difference. Thanks to Bruce Benson (Eagle), Joe Tieger (Watching), Maggie Tieger (Horned Grebe with Shrimp), Dick Knudson (Buddies), Richard Price (Breakfast Anyone) and Sal Ahmed (Robin Got Berries) for participating.

These competitions are incredibly fierce.  TPS should be extremely proud of how well we perform.  I’m looking forward to another great competition year, beginning in the fall.

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