Thurston County Fair Photo Print Competition

Another Opportunity to Show your stuff!

  • Key dates
    • July 1 – July 23(4:00 pm) — Print entry period (See link below for drop off locations)
    • July 24 10:00 am — Judging in the Sokolik Building – entrants may attend judging
    • July 27-31 — On display (with Ribbons!)

Photos must be accompanied by the 2022 Open Class Photography Entry Form which you can download

Click here for the rules:

Separate Competition Class for Junior / Teen

  • For adults, Color and mono judged separately in several lots
    • People (General people pictures)
    • Portraits (Posed people pictures)
    • Domestic Animals (livestock and pets)
    • Wild Animals (includes wild and those in captivity)
    • Nature Scenics (Images of land, sky, water etc. There should be very little to no evidence of man meaning no people, buildings, bridges or anything man made.
    • Man Made Scenery. Scenic’s and vista’s that INCLUDE some form of man made object, ie building, bridge, architecture, people etc.
    • Plants and Flowers (Indoor, outdoor, arrangements, etc.)
    • Still-life and Table Top Photos (static arrangements)
    • Creative Imagery (Images heavily manipulated with a computer.  The final result must be all the photographer’s own work, including the original image(s).)
    • Miscellaneous (Photos that don’t fit in other lots)
    • Best use of the Thurston County Fair Theme “Cheers for 150 Years +1 Year!” The Theme will be a Birthday Party.
    • Macro Photography (May include true macro or very close up images.)

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