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The Join Us Process


The steps required to complete the Join Us process.
If you just want to know, or something went wrong, then start here.

What happens when I press the Join Us button? Well, you become a member of course.

1. PayPal

But first, you need to pay for your membership so you will be taken to the PayPal website where you will be presented with a lot of options to provide payment.

When you complete the PayPal transaction, you will be returned to our home page.

2. Purchase Thank You Email

You need to look at your email inbox or Junk mail. You are looking for a message from us:

Thank you for the purchase

Dear Your Name

Thank you for your purchase!

Division Affiliate Membership x 1 - $40.00 (USD)

Transaction ID: lslkdfufd23094

The transaction ID should be the same as the PayPal transaction ID you receive from them

3. Complete your registration

Then there will be this message:

Complete your registration
Dear Your Name

Thank you for joining us!

Please complete your registration by visiting the following link:
[A complicated link back to our registration page - the format varies depending on your email service but it could look like this:]

Please click on the link so we can get you registered in our system.

You will need to enter:

  • a username
  • a password (with confirmation)
  • your email address of choice
  • Your First Name
  • Your Last Name
  • Your telephone number
  • You must agree to our Terms and Conditions

Then press Register

Your registration will be complete, and we will confirm that on the next page that opens.

4. Login

On the registration complete page is a LOGIN link. Please use it.

Fill in your username and password, then login.

You will be taken to our Member Dashboard Page.

On the left, will be your member profile summary. Please click on the Edit Profile link and update the empty fields here. This information is useful to our fellow members when trying to find you in our roster. The roster has all members emails and phone numbers.

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