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We hope you are enjoying our June Heat Wave.

In Person Meetings

Tacoma Photographic Society is planning to resume in person Print Division meetings at the Waller Road Grange Hall. The address is: 2708 64th St E, Tacoma, WA 98404 (Google Map). You can check out the site on Facebook here: Waller Road Grange | Facebook.

The Board expects that Tacoma Photographic Society will be able to use this facility for our in-person meetings going forward. You may recall that TPS Projection Division usually meets on the First Thursday of each month, while the Print Division usually meets on the third Thursday.

There will be NO Projection Division meetings, virtual or in person, until September. The format of that meeting is to be determined.

We plan to hold print meetings in July and August provided there is sufficient interest from you, our members. These meetings would be Society only competitions on Thursday, July 15th, and Thursday, August 19th. Because this is a Society competition, we will not have a panel of judges score your prints. It would be Popular Vote Only.

The board would like to know how many members would attend meetings in July and August. Please complete the questionnaire below to help us plan.

We realize there are concerns about COVID, and we will do our best to observe the County, State and CDC requirements for in person meetings. We expect members attending our meetings to do likewise. The Waller Grange facility has plenty of space to socially distance. We will not ask about vaccination status. If you would be more comfortable wearing a mask, please do so.

    Subject: Summer TPS Meetings

    Will you attend an In-Person Society Print Competition meeting in:

    Washington State Fair Photo Salon

    Sunset at the Fair by Kathy Admire — 2nd Place – Projection – November 2020

    The entry forms for both the Northwest International Exhibition of Photography, and the Cascadia Photographers Exhibition are now available on the Washington State Fair website. You can download the entry forms from this page:


    Look for the dropdown section: Photo Exhibition Information

    Of Eagles, Herons and Exposure

    On Friday, I was over in Seabeck attempting to shoot the eagles who are there in numbers, or were, (I think the midshipman fish migration on Hood Canal is done so the eagles have moved on.)

    Anyway, on Friday, Liddy and I were over at Seabeck attempting to shoot bald eagles. The morning tide didn’t drop low enough to reveal all of oyster encrusted beach and the small tide pools that trap the fish making them easy prey for eagles and great blue herons.

    The herons did all right. Their long legs allowed them to wade in the deeper water. Eagles. Not so much. The few that I saw were hanging out in the trees around Big Bear Creek waiting for the afternoon tide which would be the much lower tide.

    This post was originally published on Dave’s website, NWMOMENTS.COM and is used with permission.

    Review – June 2021 Topic: Stairs

    Competition Summary

    Images Entered 18 First Place 1
    Allowed Votes 4 Second Place 2
    Not for Comment 9 Third Place 2
    For Comment 9 Honorable Mention 10

    Title Member Place
    Circular Stairs William (Bud) Harris 1st Place
    stairs Kathy Admire 2nd Place
    Entrance to # 5 Nancy Mooney 2nd Place
    Vacant Maria DeKoker 3rd Place
    staircase Kathy Admire 3rd Place
    Battery Stairs Kristina Allums HM
    Dryad School Maria DeKoker HM
    The Performance Debbie Klosowski HM
    Steps to the Well Jaipur Debbie Klosowski HM
    Going Up William (Bud) Harris HM
    Vandalized Cheryl Thielhorn HM
    Redwood Rise Tucker Broadwell HM
    UWT Library Steps Carolyn Walker HM
    Stairway to Home Nancy Mooney HM
    Smith Center Cheryl Thielhorn HM

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    Every Opportunity

    Liddy and I were down to Van Lierop Park this morning – practicing the art of rolling out of bed early – for our morning walk.

    We weren’t there for anything really special, just a chance to get out and enjoy the morning air and to check what the park looks like for our field trip tomorrow morning. We wanted to make sure that any of our members who want some coaching on how to use their cameras would have some good subjects.

    So, I put on my 100-400 lens knowing there were lots of small birds about and here are a few of my captures.

    Didn’t capture any prize-winning shots, but that wasn’t the point. The point was to see if the Lupines and other wildflowers would be available for you to capture a prize-winning shot. Look forward to sharing tomorrow’s morning walk with you.

    Photographing waves at Cape Disappointment State Park

    Many viewers have requested information on how I photograph my waves at Cape Disappointment State Park. To hopefully help those interested in photographing there I have provided information below that I use when planning my trips to photograph the wave collisions.

    These are methods I use to plan and are certainly not an end all for planning a trip there. Others may use other methods that work for them. There is not one way to plan and photograph the wave collisions. This just happens to work for me.

    I hope you find this useful, and all the best.

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