Final Results for PSA Nature competition 2018-19

The final results are in for the 3rd and final round of the PSA Nature Competition. 

Northern Lights by Doug Hall

TPS ended up 3rd of 47 clubs in Group B.  This puts us in a good position for next year.  The moment we move up to Class A the competition will be incredibly more difficult.  The competition resumes in the fall.   

Three Amigos by William Harris

Thanks to the following members for their images, representing TPS:

Sandhill Crane Family Bruce Benson
Northern LightsDoug Hall
Three AmigosWilliam Harris
FocusedJoe Tieger
November SunriseJudi Kubes
OttersSteve Russell

Old Olympia Brewery Photo Safari

Saturday, May 4, eight TPS members gathered at the Old Olympia Brewery in Tumwater for a photo experience at the historic brick buildings. Because of the deteriorating state of the buildings, we were only able to enter one of the large brick warehouse buildings, but what a treasure of photo opportunities that revealed!

The property owners were welcoming and helpful as we spent a couple of hours at the site. Everyone agreed they would definitely like to return.

Results for Print Division, April 2019

The April meeting of the Projection Division was held on Thursday, April 21st, at Bates Technical College, South Campus.

Unfortunately, our process for collecting digital images from our Print Division members requires more work so we don't have a gallery to show you at this time.

Division Competition

There were 20 prints entered into Division Competition. Top 3 places and HM as determined by popular vote. Congratulations to:

1st PlaceMt. Rainier & Milky WayTrinda Love13 Popular Votes
2nd PlaceSentinelsWilliam Bud Harris12 Popular Votes
3rd PlaceRetired MillDick Knudson11 Popular Votes
HMRed on WhiteWilliam Bud Harris10 Popular Votes
HMHis MajestyBruce Carpenter7 Popular Votes
HMLong Long AgoMaria DeKoker7 Popular Votes

Assigned Topic

The Assigned Topic, or Theme for April is: Playing With Water

There were 11 prints entered into Society Competition. Top 2 places as determined by popular vote. Congratulations to:

1st PlaceSplashMaria DeKoker12 Popular Votes
2nd PlaceMegasicklesBruce Carpenter7 Popular Votes

Please consult your Activity Report to see how your entries fared. A link to your Activity Report will be found at the bottom of Your Member Profile Page

How to Enter TPS Projection Competitions

TPS Projection Division now enables members to enter Division and Society Digital Image Competitions by uploading their images through this web site.

The following video demonstrates how to use this procedure.

If you have any ways we can improve this process, please let us know.

Updates – 2019 Annual Competition

As members have begun to submit their entries for this year’s Annual Competition, we have made some tweaks to the process on our end.

Entry Form Upload

Your entry forms – the image created from your activity report – are now uploading to a form which will email the file to the TPS.Scorekeeper account. The form was also configured to accept JPG, JPEG and PDF file types.

You should receive a copy of this email just as it is sent to the TPS.Scorekeepter account.

This change was made to improve reliability and reduce hassles.

Projection Re-Submitted Files

The address where these files are uploaded to has been changed to simplify it’s name. This should have no affect to you.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Dave Scott through the contact form, or by phone (253) 394-1599.

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