A Tribute to Dan Suckow

2020 will go down as a bummer of a year (yes, my age is showing.)

The constant on again – off again lockdowns. The tone of the election (left or right, you have to agree it was terrible.) And on top of that, the loss of those we love. For me, my older brother who passed yesterday (cancer), and now Dan Suckow; a member of the Society who is so passionate about all things photographic.

Dan’s Condition

Let me start by letting his family update you on his condition. The following message was forwarded to me to share with you.

No Meeting November 19th.

There will be no meeting on Thursday, November 19th. The Northwest Council of Camera Clubs Annual Convention is being held online during this week.

Tacoma Photographic Society encourages all members to attend. Visit the NWCCC site to sign up and attend.

2020 NWCCC Virtual Conference

We will resume our normal schedule with the Projection Division Meeting on December 3rd.

Our December 17th meeting will be a Society Competition – The assigned Topic is HOLIDAY.

How to Close a Competition for Entry and Open it for Judging

This article describes the procedures for closing a competition for entry and opening it for judging.

Because a competition is configured with a date on which new entries stop, this is an automatic action with no intervention by an administrator required. What is required is that an administrator review the suitability of the entered images for display and marking them as active in the competition software.

Below are the steps for activating all images for display and judging.

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About Color Space or Profiles

This article was originally posted to Dave Scott’s website, Northwest Moments.

Frequently, in our photo competitions at the Tacoma Photographic Society, makers have comments like “My image was brighter on my screen at home.”

99.9% of the time the issue is likely caused by the maker exporting the image to an incorrect color space or color profile.

If you are exporting an image to be displayed on a website, it is absolutely critical that you choose the correct color space.

There is only one: sRGB.

How to create a competition

This article describes the procedure for creating a new photo contest. In addition to creating the contest and its container page, events must be created on the calendar. These events are usually:

  • Dates the contest is open to members for entry
  • Dates the contest is open to the Jury if it is a Division competition
  • Dates the contest is open to members for Popular Vote
  • Date and location of the meeting where the results are revealed, and images discussed.

This procedure only steps through the process of creating a contest. This procedure does not explain how to create these events.

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What the future holds

With two months left in 2020, I think we can clearly see that the craziness will continue well into 2021.

As most of our competitive members of the Society know, we are adapting to this new normal.

Tomorrow, the next online competition opens for entries. You will receive another message with those details. Today, this post describes how the competition will be scored.

Judged Competition

Because the Projection Division Competition (first Thursday) will be a Division competition, submitted images will be judged by a panel of four judges. We are allowing the judges four days to review your submissions. During this time, everyone will be able to view the submitted images, but only the judges will be able to rate them.

Popular Vote

At the end of the judging period, the contest software must be reconfigured to enable popular vote as we have been doing it. The maker of the software did not anticipate a Jury and Popular Vote at the same time. (We haven’t, in our searching, been able to find software that does so, we will continue with what we know.)

Scoring and Photographic Points

Judges Will be Named

The name of the members of the panel of judges will be posted on the competition page with the results so everyone knows who they were.

Random Alternate Judge

The judges scores for each image will be downloaded and saved. There will be four scores for each image except where the image belongs to a judge. Three of the four scores will be added together to create a total as required by the bylaws. Our plan is to discard the fourth score such that no individual judge can be considered the alternate.

Posting of Scores

We will post the results to the member activity pages as has been done in the past. Because of time constraints and process changes, this will not happen until December at the earliest.

We plan to post the results for each image in the image caption on a line below the title and maker. This caption will show up on the results post gallery where we display the top ten images and on the competition page galleries. As only members can review the galleries on the competition page, we trust this will be satisfactory to the membership.

Judges will remain anonymous in that the name of a judge will not be attached to the scores.

A caption might look like this:

Another GBH by Birdwatcher
9 + 8 + 10 = 27

Member Input

The algorithm we will use will be implemented in Excel as a formula.

Because we are charting new ground here (and we haven’t created the formula yet) we would welcome input from members on this idea. All reasonable and workable suggestions will be considered.

Procedure Documents

We are creating documents that show the step by step procedure for managing the competition processes. These documents are public and will be found under the category Procedures. Because we are creating this documentation as we go, we have not published any yet.

This first one, Juried Competition Procedure, was published as a page, not a post. Pages don’t have categories. We will update it soon so it will show in the Procedures category list.

Online Projection Division Competitions

At our last meeting, October Online Competition #2, we talked about how we are going to change things up.

  1. The first meeting of the month, on the first Thursday of the month, will become the Projection Division Competition
  2. The second meeting, on the third Thursday, will be either an education/workshop session, or a Society sponsored theme competition.

This article will explain how the Online Projection Division Competition is going to work.

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