Photographing waves at Cape Disappointment State Park

Many viewers have requested information on how I photograph my waves at Cape Disappointment State Park. To hopefully help those interested in photographing there I have provided information below that I use when planning my trips to photograph the wave collisions.

These are methods I use to plan and are certainly not an end all for planning a trip there. Others may use other methods that work for them. There is not one way to plan and photograph the wave collisions. This just happens to work for me.

I hope you find this useful, and all the best.

Wave Warning at Cape Disappointment

Photo: High Waves by Maria DeKoker

Weather Predicts High Winds and Waves

The Wave Finder App predicts high winds and waves at Cape Disappointment this weekend.

What this means is there is potential for spectacular wave action as these swells hit the cliffs and reflect back on themselves.

We have had some spectacular work presented in competition by our members from opportunities just like this.

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