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Online Competition Meeting Recap

The Five Minute Tour

This YouTube video may answer a lot of questions.

TPS Online Competitions – the 5-minute tour

And the meeting notes.

Thanks to everyone who attended our online Zoom meeting last night. You provided me with a lot of encouragement and advice.

Most feedback was very positive saying the competition works well, and the social aspect is huge to them.


The consensus was that we should follow rules the same as we do at physical meetings for the Assigned Topic Competition. That is, depending on the number of images entered, members can only vote on so many images.

To constitute a competition there shall be a minimum of three competitors. Place winners shall be selected by popular vote. In popular-vote competition each person present shall have a minimum of one vote. Ties shall stand unbroken. Each image in a tie shall be given full credit for photographic points. At no time is a member allowed to vote for his or her own entry. The number of awards to be given and the minimum number of allowed popular votes shall be based on the number of entries, as follows; 3-5 entries: 3 votes; 6-8 entries 4 votes; 9-18 entries: 5 votes; 19-30 entries: 6 votes; 31-45 entries: 7 votes; 46-65 entries: 8 votes; over 65 entries: 9 votes.

Society Bylaws

The software does meet some of these requirements: a member can’t vote for their own image; a member can only vote for an image once.

Unfortunately, it does not allow putting a limit how many images a member can vote for.

Consensus – members on honor system

We decided that we should let members know how many votes they should cast and they will police themselves.


The competition secretary, currently the system administrator, will tabulate the votes and present them in a post at the end of the competition, in time for the review meeting.

The software provides excellent tools to download the results for analysis in Excel. Creating a Results Post as we have done for our Projection and Print competition will be no more onerous. If anything, it will be less work.

The Tools

Zoom Meeting

I think, in general, the meeting went well. As moderator, I am quite rusty. It has been some years since I last hosted a meeting in this way (retirement is great 😉)

Members unable to join

There were several members who attempted to join our meeting but couldn’t for some reason. We discussed the reasons why and it may be that they don’t have a camera or microphone on thier computer. An alternative would be to log in to the meeting on your phone and your desktop.

Zoom allows up to 100 users on a connection.

This way you would be able to participate through the small screen of your phone, while following along on the large screen of your desktop.

I would not advise investing in a webcam right now because they are scarce as toilet paper.

Why Zoom?

  • Zoom works across all platforms, Apple, Android, Windows.
  • Zoom allows up to 100 users to participate at once.
  • Normally Zoom limits free accounts to host large meetings for 40 minutes only. For the moment, they are allowing us to have longer meetings.

If you know of another online platform that offers similar features, share your thoughts in the comments below

Software works well

The plugin that we have purchased and installed is called Photo Contest WordPress Plugin.

There are a few notable shortcomings that the author has told us he is improving:

  • Only a System Admin can manage a contest – this means delegating ownership of contests is not as simple as it should be.
  • Contests must be on a WordPress Page, not a WordPress Post. – While not a huge issue, it adds to administrative overhead.
  • Users can edit and delete their images from the contest, but they are not removed from the WordPress Media Library. – Again, more administrative overhead.

Online Competition Orientation

Tacoma Photo can now host online photo competitions. This workshop is to introduce members to the application and to kick off our first one.

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