February 2022 Projection Division Review

Total Images Entered 38   
Number of Submitters 11   
Number of Voters 15   
  Division Assigned Topic Isolation
Images by Division 28 10 
First Place 
Second Place 
Third Place  
Honorable Mention Not Enough Images 
Images For Comment 13  
Images Not For Comment 15  

Assigned Topic: Isolation


Critique Gallery

Member Scores

Title Maker Category Judges Score Pop Vote Place 
Snow Study Carolyn Walker 22.02.b) Division: For Comment 21 1.8  
Ice-o-lation Carolyn Walker 22.02.c) Assigned Topic: Isolation — 2.1  
Calla Lily Cheryl Thielhorn 22.02.a) Division: Not for Comment 24 3.3  
1936 Auburn 852 Convertible Sedan Cheryl Thielhorn 22.02.a) Division: Not for Comment 25 3.2  
Grey Day Dawn Umstot 22.02.a) Division: Not for Comment 25 3.1  
Silhouetted Bird Bath Dawn Umstot 22.02.b) Division: For Comment 23 2.1  
Moored Ropes Debbie Klosowski 22.02.a) Division: Not for Comment 27 3.8  
Rainy Day Chairs Debbie Klosowski 22.02.b) Division: For Comment 25 3.2  
Struggle Debbie Klosowski 22.02.c) Assigned Topic: Isolation — 2.8  
Wahlberg 1939 Eagle Joe Tieger 22.02.a) Division: Not for Comment 26 3.8  
Thirsty Joe Tieger 22.02.b) Division: For Comment 26 4.2 2nd Place 
Simply Beautiful Judi Kubes 22.02.a) Division: Not for Comment #N/A 3.9 HM 
Gates of Heaven Judi Kubes 22.02.a) Division: Not for Comment #N/A 3.5  
Tropical Sunset Judi Kubes 22.02.b) Division: For Comment #N/A 3.6  
Winter on the Wenatchee River Kathy Admire 22.02.a) Division: Not for Comment 25 3.2  
Tumacacori Mission Kathy Admire 22.02.b) Division: For Comment 27 3.8  
Isolation 2 Kathy Admire 22.02.c) Assigned Topic: Isolation — 2.7  
Isolation 1 Kathy Admire 22.02.c) Assigned Topic: Isolation — 3.8 1st Place 
Log of Flowers Kristina Allums 22.02.a) Division: Not for Comment 25 3.6  
Kubota Gardens Kristina Allums 22.02.b) Division: For Comment 27 3.4  
Walking Alone Kristina Allums 22.02.c) Assigned Topic: Isolation — 2.9  
Colorless World Kristina Allums 22.02.c) Assigned Topic: Isolation — 2.6  
Time to Go Maggie Tieger 22.02.a) Division: Not for Comment 28 4.5 1st Place 
Dehorned Maggie Tieger 22.02.b) Division: For Comment 28 3.8  
Snowy Dog Maria DeKoker 22.02.a) Division: Not for Comment 25 3.3  
Rain and Water Maria DeKoker 22.02.b) Division: For Comment 24 2.5  
Fallen Leaves Nancy Mooney 22.02.a) Division: Not for Comment 22 1.8  
New England Covered Bridge Nancy Mooney 22.02.b) Division: For Comment 26 3.1  
The Chimney Richard Knudson 22.02.a) Division: Not for Comment 25 2.3  
Nourinshing The River Richard Knudson 22.02.b) Division: For Comment 24 2.7  
Tree Niche Richard Knudson 22.02.c) Assigned Topic: Isolation — 3.7 2nd Place 
Alone Except for The Light Richard Knudson 22.02.c) Assigned Topic: Isolation — 3.3 3rd Place 
Soft Sunset January Trinda Love 22.02.a) Division: Not for Comment 25 3.2  
In the Crystal Forrest Trinda Love 22.02.b) Division: For Comment 26 3.4  
Hunting for Gold Trinda Love 22.02.c) Assigned Topic: Isolation — 2.6  
Sittin on the Dock of the Bay Trinda Love 22.02.c) Assigned Topic: Isolation —  
A Little Green William (Bud) Harris 22.02.a) Division: Not for Comment #N/A 3.5  
Colorful Beach William (Bud) Harris 22.02.b) Division: For Comment #N/A 3rd Place 

Review – December 2021 Projection Division

Competition Summary

Total Images Entered22
DivisionAssigned Topic
Images by Division202
First Place2Not Enough Competitors
Second Place2Not Enough Competitors
Third Place 2Not Enough Competitors
Honorable Mention3Not Enough Competitors
Images For Comment8
Images Not For Comment12

Assigned Topic: Choice

Review – June 2021 Topic: Stairs

Competition Summary

Images Entered 18 First Place 1
Allowed Votes 4 Second Place 2
Not for Comment 9 Third Place 2
For Comment 9 Honorable Mention 10

Title Member Place
Circular Stairs William (Bud) Harris 1st Place
stairs Kathy Admire 2nd Place
Entrance to # 5 Nancy Mooney 2nd Place
Vacant Maria DeKoker 3rd Place
staircase Kathy Admire 3rd Place
Battery Stairs Kristina Allums HM
Dryad School Maria DeKoker HM
The Performance Debbie Klosowski HM
Steps to the Well Jaipur Debbie Klosowski HM
Going Up William (Bud) Harris HM
Vandalized Cheryl Thielhorn HM
Redwood Rise Tucker Broadwell HM
UWT Library Steps Carolyn Walker HM
Stairway to Home Nancy Mooney HM
Smith Center Cheryl Thielhorn HM

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