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Results from Round 2 of the PSA Nature and Open Interclub Competitions

Crystal Geyser by Maria DeKoker [ 1st Place – Projection – December 2020 ]

TPS results from Round 2 of the PSA Nature and Open Interclub Competitions

Kudos to four TPS members who won awards in the most recent PSA competitions:

  • Steve Russell received a score of 15 (out of a possible 15) for ‘Halloween Pennant Cooling Off in Breeze’ in the Nature Competition.   He placed first and will receive an award of merit.
  • Judi Kubes received a score of 14 for Autumn Light in the Open Competition.  She placed second and will receive an award of merit.
  • Trinda Love received a score of 12 for ‘Spirit Island’ in the Open Division and will receive an Honorable Mention Award.
  • Maria DeKoker received a score of 13 for Crystal Geyser in the Nature Competition and will receive an Honorable Mention Award.

Kudos, as well, to the other members whose images were submitted in the Round 2 Competitions: Dorinda Wills, Kristina Alums, Bruce Benson, Richard Knudson and Maggie Tieger.  As a club, we are doing extremely well.

In addition to TPS members participating in Round 2, over the past two years ten TPS members have also had images submitted: Sal Ahmed, Tim Clifton, Bud Harris, Debbie Klosowski, Judith Lilly, Larry Maddox, Nancy Mooney, Bruce Severeid, Joe Tieger, and in Memorium – Dan Suckow.

TPS is in Group B (2nd highest standings) for both the Nature and Open Competitions.  Given that hundreds of clubs around the world participate in these competitions, TPS has a very high standing.  The competition is incredibly challenging.  To see winning images go to: and look for ‘competitions’ .  There is also a slideshow running on the home page.  The images are pretty amazing. There is much to be learned.

Included are two PSA articles which go into great detail on how ‘judges think’ in terms of scoring.

The next competitions will be in April.

Final Results for PSA Nature competition 2018-19

The final results are in for the 3rd and final round of the PSA Nature Competition. 

Northern Lights by Doug Hall

TPS ended up 3rd of 47 clubs in Group B.  This puts us in a good position for next year.  The moment we move up to Class A the competition will be incredibly more difficult.  The competition resumes in the fall.   

Three Amigos by William Harris

Thanks to the following members for their images, representing TPS:

Sandhill Crane Family Bruce Benson
Northern LightsDoug Hall
Three AmigosWilliam Harris
FocusedJoe Tieger
November SunriseJudi Kubes
OttersSteve Russell
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