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TPS continues to do very well in PSA Competitions

Results from Round 3 of the PSA Open and Nature Interclub Projected Image Competitions (PID) are in.  TPS is in Group B for both divisions (these determinations are based upon our scores from last year). TPS continues to do extremely well.  In the Open Division we ended up placing 10th out of 25 clubs from all over the world.  In the Nature Division we were 11th.  This marks the end of the 2020-21 competition year. Club standings are often only separated by one judges point.

Results from Round 2 of the PSA Nature and Open Interclub Competitions

Crystal Geyser by Maria DeKoker [ 1st Place – Projection – December 2020 ]

TPS results from Round 2 of the PSA Nature and Open Interclub Competitions

Kudos to four TPS members who won awards in the most recent PSA competitions:

  • Steve Russell received a score of 15 (out of a possible 15) for ‘Halloween Pennant Cooling Off in Breeze’ in the Nature Competition.   He placed first and will receive an award of merit.
  • Judi Kubes received a score of 14 for Autumn Light in the Open Competition.  She placed second and will receive an award of merit.
  • Trinda Love received a score of 12 for ‘Spirit Island’ in the Open Division and will receive an Honorable Mention Award.
  • Maria DeKoker received a score of 13 for Crystal Geyser in the Nature Competition and will receive an Honorable Mention Award.

Kudos, as well, to the other members whose images were submitted in the Round 2 Competitions: Dorinda Wills, Kristina Alums, Bruce Benson, Richard Knudson and Maggie Tieger.  As a club, we are doing extremely well.

In addition to TPS members participating in Round 2, over the past two years ten TPS members have also had images submitted: Sal Ahmed, Tim Clifton, Bud Harris, Debbie Klosowski, Judith Lilly, Larry Maddox, Nancy Mooney, Bruce Severeid, Joe Tieger, and in Memorium – Dan Suckow.

TPS is in Group B (2nd highest standings) for both the Nature and Open Competitions.  Given that hundreds of clubs around the world participate in these competitions, TPS has a very high standing.  The competition is incredibly challenging.  To see winning images go to: and look for ‘competitions’ .  There is also a slideshow running on the home page.  The images are pretty amazing. There is much to be learned.

Included are two PSA articles which go into great detail on how ‘judges think’ in terms of scoring.

The next competitions will be in April.

Round 1 Results – PSA Nature Competition

I am pleased to announce that Dan Suckow received an Award of Merit (highest award) for ‘Back Off’ in Round 1 of the PSA Interclub Nature Competition. The Competition consists of entries from hundreds of clubs from all over the world. Dan, we so will miss you and your work. Janyce, you should be very proud.

Thanks to Bruce Benson, Maggie Tieger, Joe Tieger and Doug Hall for submitting very fine images, as well. Our members collectively have us in Group B which is a very big deal.

Round 1 PSA Open Competition Results

[Note that the captions on these images reflect how they place in TPS competition, not PSA.]

Congratulations to Sal Ahmed for receiving an Award of Merit (the highest award) for Devil’s Teeth-Norway and to Dan Suckow for receiving an Honorable Mention for Broken Flower in Round 1 of PSA’s Open Competition. 

Entries by Judi Kubes, Maria DeKoker, Trinda Love, and Bruce Severeid also contributed to TPS placing 4th out of twenty-five clubs in Group B, which is a very big deal. 

PSA Interclub Competition Rules For the 2020-2021 Year

PSA Interclub Competition Year Begins

The new competition year for PSA’s (Photographic Society of America) interclub competitions will begin again this fall.  TPS participates in two competitions: open and nature.  Although the primary focus of the competitions is between clubs, individual awards are also given.  Last year TPS members won a number of awards, including Best of Show for Tim Clifton (‘Beauty’).   Dan Suckow, Bud Harris, and Steve Russell also received awards. (Sorry if I missed you – let me know.)  

Results – PSA Interclub Projected Image and Nature Competitions (Round 1.)

Overview of PSA 

PSA was founded in 1934.  Today it is a worldwide organization with member organizations in over 80 countries located in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, South and Central America, Europe, the South Pacific and North America (the US and Canada). In Washington State alone, there are chapters in Yakima, Bremerton, Vancouver, Silverdale, Longview, Sedro-Woolley, Des Moines, Olympia, Sequim, Lake Stevens, Edmonds, Seattle, Buckley, Bellevue, Kenmore, Spokane (two clubs), and Kennewick.  PSA offers many member benefits.  For example, if you are traveling, you can contact someone in a chapter (go to the PSA website) with questions as to where to photograph, etc.  PSA also holds an annual conference (Colorado Springs in 2020), publishes a monthly magazine, hosts exhibitions, sponsors training, provides discounts, etc.  As a member of TPS you can participate in many of these offerings.

PSA-PID Final results for 2018-19 Competition Year

TPS just completed its 5th year competing in the Open PID (Projected Image Division) Competition with stunning results. In addition to being in the top division, where competition is very stiff, members received two individual awards (a very big deal). Kudos to Tim Clifton (who received a ribbon but I still don’t know for which ‘honor’) for Radiance and Maggie Tieger, with an Honorable Mention for Penguins Blowing in the Snow. Thanks too for images submitted by Richard Price, Dan Suckow, Cheryl Thielhorn, and Kathy Admire for this most recent round.

TPS Members Receive Awards

TPS members Tim Clifton and Maggie Tieger have received awards from the PSA PID InterClub Competition for May. 

Tim received an Award of Merit, for his image “Radiance” and Maggie was awarded an Honorable Mention for her image “Penguins in Blowing Snow”.  Congratulations to both!

We appreciate and value the willingness of our membership to support TPS by allowing us to include their images in this competition. This is an international competition and is the highest level of competition for the PSA PID InterClub. It is therefore very competitive.

Thank you to all our TPS members who competed this year.

Please enjoy the slide show of our member images included in this final round. Images include those by Richard Price, Cheryl Thielhorn, Kathy Admire, Dan Suckow, Tim Clifton, and Maggie Tieger.

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PSA Interclub Competition Results – April, 2019

Round three results are now in for the PSA Projected Image Division InterClub Competition.  TPS has participated in this international competition for the last several years. 

After three rounds, TPS is 20 out of 26 clubs. This year we are competing in the top competition group, Group A. This is a very high level of competition and we should be very proud to have reached that level of competition.

One of our members, Bruce Benson, received an Award of Merit for his image Reddish Egret. Congratulations to Bruce!

I’d like to thank the following TPS members for allowing us to include their images in the third round of competition:

Bud Harris –           City Bikes

Judith Lilly –          Emilia

Kathy Admire –    Nesting in Provence

Nancy Mooney – Pemaquid Lighthouse

Dan Suckow –       Taking a Break

Bruce Benson  –    Reddish Egret

We have one more round of competition for this competition year. I have just submitted our club entry.  Results for that final round and year end results will be announced in June.

Here are the images for your enjoyment.

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PSA Results: Second Round TPS PSA Interclub Competition

We have received the results from the second round of competition for the PSA Interclub Competition.  Our club has participated in this club competition for the last several years, moving  forward through various competition levels. We are currently competing in Group A which is by far the most difficult competition group.

I want to especially thank Dan Suckow, Judi Kubes, Tim Clifton, Kathy Admire, Richard Price and Maggie Tieger for allowing us to submit their images for the second competition round.  We received a round total of 63. The highest score received by any club was 73.

If you would like to see a slideshow of images that received individual awards this round, as well as during the previous round, you can go to the Projected Image Division (PID) Interclub Competition page.  Scroll down to  2018-2019 PID Interclub Results.   You do NOT need to be a PSA member to see this information.  Remember, TPS is in Group A.  While we did not receive any individual awards this round, we did receive some in the first round.  You will see a couple award winning images in the November round slide show.

This month, I will be assembling a collection of 6 images by 6 different TPS  members to submit for the March 1 round.  This is a great opportunity for us to show the collective work of our membership.

Best regards,

  Dorinda Wills, QPSA

  PSA Representative for TPS

Click on any image to view them full screen in a slide show.

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