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Last year The Society voted to allow membership dues to be paid at any time during the year. The dues would cover a full year. There were several reasons for the change. The topic of this post is one of them.

In preparation for the coming year, TPS Member Accounts on our website will be migrated into our Membership Management Plugin. This plugin, Paid Membership Subscriptions, will enable you to directly manage your membership level.


This is a long post. Here are the Cliff notes. Please do read the full article.

  1. All current members will be assigned to the “Society Member” subscription level.
  2. Your “Society Member” subscription will expire after two months. Around October 1st.
  3. When the membership expires, you will no longer be able to participate in Society activities as a Member.
  4. You will be able to Upgrade, Renew, Cancel or Abandon your subscription at any time.

Change to Society Bylaws – Approved

Thank you to our members for voting for the amendment which will enable us to collect dues on a recurring annual basis.

  • 68 Members in good standing in the Society 25% of which makes a quorum
  • there were 21 members attending the meeting which exceeds the 17 members required for the quorum
  • There were 21 votes for the amendment
  • No votes against

Motion Carried!

Important Society News – Please Read!

Spring Fair Committee Chair

Unfortunately, Stan Bratten got away. He ran off to Arizona and so is not able to manage the Spring Fair Photo Salon for TPS any more. This year, Heather is acting as Manager but she already has a full plate. If you can, please join us for a planning and project meeting on Monday, February 17th, Presidents Day.

The location is yet to be confirmed.

The Spring Fair Photo Salon is a huge source of income for the Society. Now that we must rent our meeting facilities, this income is very important to us. Please show your support for YOUR Society by helping out in any way you can.

Other Committee Changes

As most members are aware, Dave Scott is shedding a number of roles he currently performs for the club:

  • Scorekeeper
    • receives the division meeting scorecards and posts them to the member’s activity report
    • posts activity report to the website
    • creates results post
  • Awards Chair
    • works with scorekeeper to ensure record-keeping is accurate
    • manages Division Annual Competition (collection of images, judging, recording results)
  • Annual Banquet Manager / MC
    • prepare agenda for Annual Awards Banquet
    • obtain prizes/ribbons for the annual competition winners
    • prepare awards certificates for Service Award Winners
    • prepare award certificates for Society Rank Advancement Winners

If you are interested in any of these committee positions, please let Heather know. If you want more information, feel free to give Dave a shout.

Membership Dues Collection Changes

Collection of Member Dues.

Last month, a notice of an amendment to the Society Bylaws was announced. The purpose of the amendment is to simplify the collection of member dues.

The details of the amendment are in this post.

The vote will take place at the Print Division Meeting on February 20th.

Reason for Change

Currently, our Treasurer, Rich Thomas, receives member dues directly from members, or through the Society Shop on the website. When he receives your money, he then has to update the membership roles in our accounting system and the website. He should also be sending a notification to the Division Secretaries who then know who is eligible to enter into division competition.

A lot of things to remember to do.

The changes which we are making will simplify this process.

New process

Payment of Dues

All dues will be collected through this website. A new piece of software enables this change. When you pay your dues through the website, your membership status will automatically be recorded.

Competition Entries

All competition entries will be made through this website. Members are already using the system. The big change is that as soon as your membership becomes due, you must renew it in order to access the entry forms.

Because your membership status is automatically updated on payment, you will be able to enter into the competition without having to wait for the Treasurer to take your money and update your status.

Other Website Changes

While the change to the Dues Collection Process is a big deal, there are changes coming to this website that will have a greater visual impact.

We invite members to visit our test site at to see what is in store. – You can join the test society if you like. It is not connected to a payment gateway, so you won’t be asked for a credit card. You will be asked to pay with Monopoly Money.

Reason for change

Again, the reason for this change is a simplification of systems and processes.

The new design removes the need for a Member Store. This removes the need to maintain a product list and makes training of members on how to use the store.

The new design changes the WordPress Theme we are using to a simpler one. This simpler theme is easier to manage with fewer components to confuse website contributors.

Change to Society Bylaws

At the meeting of the Board of Directors held on Monday, January 6th, 2020, it was decided that a revision of the Society Bylaws was in order. This article explains the need for the change and the impact it will have.

(1) Individual dues are payable at the time of joining and annually thereafter by June first.

The Board recommends that Article 4 of the Bylaws be amended as follows:

(1) Individual dues are payable at the time of joining and annually thereafter.

Simply put, if you pay your dues on June 1st, you will be a member in good standing through June 1st of the following year. If you pay your dues on November 15th, you will be a member in good standing through November 15th of the following year.

Reason for Change

Currently, when a member joins the Society, they are assessed full dues at joining and then again on June 1st. If the new member joins in January they are unfairly accessed the full fee for less than 1/2 of the year.

Several methods have been applied in attempt to rectify this issue. Charging a prorated fee; allowing the membership to stand through the following year; are some of the methods used. None of these methods align with the actual wording of the paragraph.

This change will enable the Society Website to record and maintain membership records automatically. The treasurer will receive the dues collected and will be able to manage reports made by the Website Software.

Membership Approval

As this is a change to the Society Bylaws, a vote of the membership must be taken to approve it.

Amendments to the Bylaws may be made at any regular meeting of the Society or at a special meeting called for such purpose, upon thirty days written notice to the membership. A two-thirds vote of the members present at such meeting shall be necessary to carry an amendment. Twenty-five percent of the Society membership, excluding Life members who are not present, shall constitute a quorum.


An email was sent to all members on January 7th, 2020, giving notice of the change. The next meeting after 30 days from that date is the Print Division Meeting on February 20th.

The board recommends approval of this change as it streamlines the Dues collection process and makes the payments equal and fair for all members.

Change to Membership Fees

At the meeting of the Board of Directors held on Monday, January 6th, 2020, it was decided to discontinue the membership discounts currently offered to Society Members. This article explains the need for change and the impact it will have on you.

Current Fee Structure

Membership in the Society is available as a Society Only Membership, or a Society Membership with Division Affiliation.

Sometime in the past, the following fee structure was created:

  • Society Only Individual Membership [$30.00]
  • Society Only Family Membership (First Two Members) [$40.00]
  • Society Only Additional Family Membership [$8.00]
  • Society Only Student Membership [$27.00]
  • Division Affiliate Individual Membership [$40.00]
  • Division Affiliate Family Membership (First Two Members) [$60.00]
  • Division Affiliate Additional Family Membership [$18.00]
  • Division Affiliate Student Membership [$18.00]

New Fee Structure

Effective with your membership renewal for the 2020/2021 year, the Board has approved streamlining this to a very simple:

  • Society Only Individual Membership [$20.00]
  • Division Affiliate Individual Membership [$40.00]

Reason for the Change

The main reason for this change is to align the Society fee schedule with the membership management component of our website. This new component will simplify a number of processes that are dependent on membership level.

  • Members renewing or purchasing a new membership – process is automatic
  • Membership expiration after 1 year – process is automatic
  • Membership level is recorded automatically by the website and retained against the member record
  • Member qualification to enter into competition is automatic

Currently it is the Treasurer’s responsibility to track membership. On receiving payment the treasurer would record the member’s level into the club bookkeeping software. Each month, a report must be generated for the Division Secretaries so that they can verify the member submitting the entry is current. A process that is not always followed.

Going forward, the website will capture the member’s level and automatically reveal the competition entry form that is appropriate for that member.

Impact to Members

Members who are Society Only Members will see their fees for individual membership reduced by $10.00.

Members of the Society who take a Family Membership at the Society Only level will now purchase two individual memberships at $20.00 each. This is the same as the $40.00 family membership option.

There are a number of families who use the family membership to reduce their entry fees. Most of these families will change such that the member who actually competes will take out a Division Affiliate Membership while the partner will take a Society Only membership. The cost of this arrangement is the same as the former Division Affiliation Family Membership of $60.00

Those families whose members both compete will now purchase two Division Affiliate memberships. This will increase your cost by $20.00 per year to your family.


The Society Bylaws define when dues are payable (June 1st of each year). The amount charged for Society Dues is not defined and left to the discretion of the Board.

Should you have issues or comments about this change in dues, feel free to make them known below or contact the Society President with your concerns.

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