Online Webinar: Moving in Closer – Advanced Macro June 12th

F67 Camera Club is Hosting

Our fellow camera club F67 has arranged for an online presentation on Advanced Macro Photography by Gettle Photography.

It is FREE, and membership in F67 or any other camera club in NOT mandatory, however, REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. After registering you will receive an email with the zoom link in it and instructions for joining the presentation via Zoom. You do not need a camera or mic to participate in the program. The hosts share their screen so you can see and hear them live, but they do not share the video or audio of attendees. You will be able to ask questions through a Q/A chat box.

Here are the details:

F/67 Camera Club Presents a Zoom Webinar
Moving in Closer – Advanced Macro By: Steve Gettle
When: Friday June 12th at 1:00 PM PST
Space is limited – pre-registration required: Click here to register

Look into the eyes of a dragonfly. See the scales on the wing of a butterfly. Gaze into the dew drops on a spider’s web. A beautiful new world opens up when we move in beyond 1:1 (1:1 = a full frame shot of a nickel). During this course we will explore the exciting world of more extreme macro photography. You will learn how to use special techniques and equipment to peer into the world of the truly tiny. We will explore some simple things like extension tubes and close-up diopters to get in close, as well as more specialized techniques and equipment like microscope objectives and focusing rails. We will also discover the creative doors kicked open through the use of focus-stacking and high-speed flash.

About Steve & Nicole

Steve and Nicole lead nature photography tours to exciting destinations around the world. They enjoy sharing their knowledge of the natural world and helping people capture amazing images of our planet. Steve has over 30 years of nature photography experience and has been recognized through numerous awards. These include being a multi-award winner of the BBC’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year and recognized in the prestigious Nature’s Best photography contest. His images are often featured in National Geographic and other nation-wide publications. Nicole has over 15 years of nature photography experience and enjoys discovering and sharing wild connections with others.

Please register early – we watch the registrations and if the sign up is too low as it gets close to the scheduled date we will cancel. After registering, they will receive an email that has the zoom link in it.

If anyone has trouble with the pdf, here is the registration link:

Heather Mack
Tacoma Photographic Society