Online Projection Division Competitions

At our last meeting, October Online Competition #2, we talked about how we are going to change things up.

  1. The first meeting of the month, on the first Thursday of the month, will become the Projection Division Competition
  2. The second meeting, on the third Thursday, will be either an education/workshop session, or a Society sponsored theme competition.

This article will explain how the Online Projection Division Competition is going to work.

Opportunity to Be a Judge for the Pierce County Fair!

The Pierce County Fair (Graham) is a small local fair that is held in August.  The fair has a small photo competition each year.  There is one competition for children/youth and a separate one for adults.  They are looking for two people to judge this year.

Since there are just two judges, the judging is simply an in/out type of judging (no numerical scoring). The two judges can work independently or can work together. It’s a great way to further share your expertise and to develop your judging skills.

Judging will be on Sunday, August 2.  Judging starts at about 9 am to about 3-4 pm. Lunch is included and a small stipend is paid to the judges.

We have many members who are qualified to do this if you are interested, please contact Janey Sumner at  iseeourmoon@gmail.com.  I’m sure Janey would like to have judges lined up as soon as possible.

If any questions, feel free to contact me.

       Dorinda Wills



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