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Every Opportunity

Liddy and I were down to Van Lierop Park this morning – practicing the art of rolling out of bed early – for our morning walk.

We weren’t there for anything really special, just a chance to get out and enjoy the morning air and to check what the park looks like for our field trip tomorrow morning. We wanted to make sure that any of our members who want some coaching on how to use their cameras would have some good subjects.

So, I put on my 100-400 lens knowing there were lots of small birds about and here are a few of my captures.

Didn’t capture any prize-winning shots, but that wasn’t the point. The point was to see if the Lupines and other wildflowers would be available for you to capture a prize-winning shot. Look forward to sharing tomorrow’s morning walk with you.

Wave Warning at Cape Disappointment

Photo: High Waves by Maria DeKoker

Weather Predicts High Winds and Waves

The Wave Finder App predicts high winds and waves at Cape Disappointment this weekend.

What this means is there is potential for spectacular wave action as these swells hit the cliffs and reflect back on themselves.

We have had some spectacular work presented in competition by our members from opportunities just like this.

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