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Print Competition, This Evening! October 21, 2021

Open for Entries

The Print Division of the Tacoma Photographic Society is pleased to be accepting entries for the October Print Competition.

Entries will be taken at the meeting up until 7:00pm.

We will be accepting entries at the meeting. I would have had this out sooner, but just returned from a trip to Yellowstone & the Tetons.


  • Any Division Affiliate Member may enter this competition.
  • Images entered into this competition cannot have been entered into past Division Competitions.
  • Members may enter two images into Division competition
  • Members may also enter two images into the Assigned Topic Competition

Judging and Awards

  • First, Second, Third and Honorable Mention places will be chosen by popular vote.
  • Ties will not be broken.
  • Photographic Points will be awarded as specified in the Society Bylaws


The rules are as laid out in the Society Bylaws and summarized on the Print Division Page.

Society Assigned Topic

The assigned topic for this competition is Handwriting

Method of Delivery

Prints must be delivered to the Print Division Secretary before the beginning of the meeting. Entries will be accepted at the meeting hall.

The maker of the print does not have to be present. Prints may be delivered by some designated party who must also take the prints away at the end of the meeting.

Prints must be properly mounted and labeled as described in the Print Division Rules. The Division Director may choose not to accept prints that do not satisfy those rules.

This page will expire on Thursday October 21st, 2021.

Projection Competition, November 4, 2021

Open for Entries

The Projection Division of the Tacoma Photographic Society is pleased to be accepting entries for the November Projection Competition.


  • Any Division Affiliate Member may enter this competition.
  • Images entered into this competition cannot have been entered into past Division Competitions.
  • Members may enter two images into Division competition
  • Members may also enter one image into the Assigned Topic Competition

Method of Entry

Please goto the Competition Page here:
November 2021 Projection Division

This page will expire on Thursday November 4th, 2021.

Projection Division Update

Featured Image: Ruby-throated Hummingbird by Maggie Tieger ◇ 1st Place ◇ Division ◇ September 2021

Changes to the Division

In these extraordinary times that we live, TPS members have not come together in a physical meeting for over eighteen months. We have been holding our meetings virtually via ZOOM, and uploading and posting our images to an online contest gallery.

The way we have been judging and tallying the popular vote has been stretching the rules laid out in the TPS Bylaws. The work required to manage and update the Division Competitions has become quite a bit larger than it was with in person meetings.

Change is required and changes are being made. We

  • have new leadership
  • have new rules

Please continue reading to understand these changes.

This page will expire on Saturday September 11th, 2021.

Print Division Update

We’re Back

Featured Image: Too Early by Richard Price

Like the Washington State Fair, We Are Back!

Our meeting on August 19th was successful with 15 entries from 8 members. You can view the results below. (click here)

Our September meeting will again be at the Waller Road Grange, on Thursday September 16th. We look forward to seeing you there.

Waller Road Grange

The members and guest attending the meeting all felt that the Waller Road Grange hall is a great place for TPS to hold our Print Division meetings going forward. There is plenty of parking; the hall is large; there is a kitchen. The consensus was that the venue is a winner.

Entry Deadlines Extended

We understand the reluctance to commit to entering print division competitions because you may be unsure about whether you will be able to attend so, the Division has decided to extend entry deadlines up until the beginning of the meeting.

This means you may enter your prints here on the website (open competitions) or bring your prints to the meetings. Enter and check in your prints at the same time.

This page will expire on Saturday September 11th, 2021.

Projection Division Moves Back Online

The COVID Swirl

We all know the world is in an upset condition these days. Masks on – masks off – in person meetings – virtual meetings. Which way do we go?

Our print meeting last week (August 19) proved to be successful, we thought. There were fifteen entries with nine members and one guest in attendance. A full report is forthcoming.

So, while we would like to go back to a normal state, where all meetings are in person, and while we have a great facility at our disposal, your Board of Directors has decided that we should continue to host our Projection Division online for the next few months.

Meetings and Competitions

We hope you are enjoying our June Heat Wave.

In Person Meetings

Tacoma Photographic Society is planning to resume in person Print Division meetings at the Waller Road Grange Hall. The address is: 2708 64th St E, Tacoma, WA 98404 (Google Map). You can check out the site on Facebook here: Waller Road Grange | Facebook.

The Board expects that Tacoma Photographic Society will be able to use this facility for our in-person meetings going forward. You may recall that TPS Projection Division usually meets on the First Thursday of each month, while the Print Division usually meets on the third Thursday.

There will be NO Projection Division meetings, virtual or in person, until September. The format of that meeting is to be determined.

We plan to hold print meetings in July and August provided there is sufficient interest from you, our members. These meetings would be Society only competitions on Thursday, July 15th, and Thursday, August 19th. Because this is a Society competition, we will not have a panel of judges score your prints. It would be Popular Vote Only.

The board would like to know how many members would attend meetings in July and August. Please complete the questionnaire below to help us plan.

We realize there are concerns about COVID, and we will do our best to observe the County, State and CDC requirements for in person meetings. We expect members attending our meetings to do likewise. The Waller Grange facility has plenty of space to socially distance. We will not ask about vaccination status. If you would be more comfortable wearing a mask, please do so.

    Subject: Summer TPS Meetings

    Will you attend an In-Person Society Print Competition meeting in:

    Of Eagles, Herons and Exposure

    On Friday, I was over in Seabeck attempting to shoot the eagles who are there in numbers, or were, (I think the midshipman fish migration on Hood Canal is done so the eagles have moved on.)

    Anyway, on Friday, Liddy and I were over at Seabeck attempting to shoot bald eagles. The morning tide didn’t drop low enough to reveal all of oyster encrusted beach and the small tide pools that trap the fish making them easy prey for eagles and great blue herons.

    The herons did all right. Their long legs allowed them to wade in the deeper water. Eagles. Not so much. The few that I saw were hanging out in the trees around Big Bear Creek waiting for the afternoon tide which would be the much lower tide.

    This post was originally published on Dave’s website, NWMOMENTS.COM and is used with permission.

    Results – June 2021 Topic: Stairs

    The Online Competition voting completed at midnight, Wednesday, June 16, 2021

    Top Images

    Clicking on any of the images below will open a full-page lightbox.

    Competition Summary

    Images Entered18First Place1
    Allowed Votes4Second Place2
    Not for Comment9Third Place2
    For Comment9Honorable Mention10
    Circular StairsWilliam (Bud) Harris1st Place
    stairsKathy Admire2nd Place
    Entrance to # 5Nancy Mooney2nd Place
    VacantMaria DeKoker3rd Place
    staircaseKathy Admire3rd Place
    Battery StairsKristina AllumsHM
    Dryad SchoolMaria DeKokerHM
    The PerformanceDebbie KlosowskiHM
    Steps to the Well JaipurDebbie KlosowskiHM
    Going UpWilliam (Bud) HarrisHM
    VandalizedCheryl ThielhornHM
    Redwood RiseTucker BroadwellHM
    UWT Library StepsCarolyn WalkerHM
    Stairway to HomeNancy MooneyHM
    Smith CenterCheryl ThielhornHM
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