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TPS Composition Workshop

Hello TPS members.

I want to let you all know that we (the education committee — Judi Kubes, Kathy Admire, Doug Hall, Maria DeKoker) have set a date for our first session. We hope to do this monthly. The session for June will be Monday June 20th.

In this first meeting, we will be discussing composition techniques (magic in the middle, coherence, rhythm, etc). This will be a discussion type of presentation led by some TPS expert photographers, and for those that attend, we want your thoughts and input …one of the reasons for keeping the group small. The idea of this is to help everyone become better photographers. If you have images to bring that might benefit from composition training please bring them. A thumb drive works well as Judi can plug it into her TV. Prints are welcome also.

Now I know this won’t be for everyone. But for those that might be interested, we are meeting at about 5:45 to 6 pm at Judi Kubes home in Yelm. We can start later if that works better. The sessions should be about an hour and a half long. If the time and day of the week doesn’t work well, we will have to discuss something else.

Since we feel a smaller group works better for learning, we are limiting the attendees to 6. If there is more interest, we will set up another session.

Please rsvp to me if you plan to attend.
Thanks so much and hope to see (6) of you there,

Douglas Hall dhall1000@hotmail.com

Thurston County Fair Photo Print Competition

Another Opportunity to Show your stuff!

  • Key dates
    • July 1 – July 23(4:00 pm) — Print entry period (See link below for drop off locations)
    • July 24 10:00 am — Judging in the Sokolik Building – entrants may attend judging
    • July 27-31 — On display (with Ribbons!)

Photos must be accompanied by the 2022 Open Class Photography Entry Form which you can download

Click here for the rules:

Separate Competition Class for Junior / Teen

  • For adults, Color and mono judged separately in several lots
    • People (General people pictures)
    • Portraits (Posed people pictures)
    • Domestic Animals (livestock and pets)
    • Wild Animals (includes wild and those in captivity)
    • Nature Scenics (Images of land, sky, water etc. There should be very little to no evidence of man meaning no people, buildings, bridges or anything man made.
    • Man Made Scenery. Scenic’s and vista’s that INCLUDE some form of man made object, ie building, bridge, architecture, people etc.
    • Plants and Flowers (Indoor, outdoor, arrangements, etc.)
    • Still-life and Table Top Photos (static arrangements)
    • Creative Imagery (Images heavily manipulated with a computer.  The final result must be all the photographer’s own work, including the original image(s).)
    • Miscellaneous (Photos that don’t fit in other lots)
    • Best use of the Thurston County Fair Theme “Cheers for 150 Years +1 Year!” The Theme will be a Birthday Party.
    • Macro Photography (May include true macro or very close up images.)

Gene Eckhardt iPhone Photo Honored by PSA

“f/8 and Be There” is longstanding advice to photographers. With our smartphone cameras, we are out of excuses for not being there with our camera. At the May Projection competition, Gene treated us to excellent iPhone travel photographs. And this month, Photographic Society of America’s showed its enthusiasm for Gene’s work, by selecting his Bilbao Guggenheim for its Digital Dialog Showcase. Congratulations, Gene!

Every Opportunity

Liddy and I were down to Van Lierop Park this morning – practicing the art of rolling out of bed early – for our morning walk.

We weren’t there for anything really special, just a chance to get out and enjoy the morning air and to check what the park looks like for our field trip tomorrow morning. We wanted to make sure that any of our members who want some coaching on how to use their cameras would have some good subjects.

So, I put on my 100-400 lens knowing there were lots of small birds about and here are a few of my captures.

Didn’t capture any prize-winning shots, but that wasn’t the point. The point was to see if the Lupines and other wildflowers would be available for you to capture a prize-winning shot. Look forward to sharing tomorrow’s morning walk with you.

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