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Circular Stairs by William (Bud) Harris

Here are the awards, followed by a list of all participants and image titles.

BEST OF SHOWWILLIAM HARRIS –Circular Stairs$150 Award
1ST PLACEMICHAEL HRANKOWSKI –Rocks in Still Water$100 Award
2ND PLACEGUY BRALLEY –Fall Colors at the Event Horizon$75 Award
3RD PLACEMICHAEL HRANKOWSKI –Clematis Seed Head #1$50 Award


AbstractLauren Heerschap –Inside a Fractall Ball
ArchitecturalEric Randall –Convergence
FloralDorinda Wills –Dreamy
LandscapeMichael Hrankowski –South Georgia Coastline In Summer
MonochromeDorinda Wills –Quiet Lunch
PeopleRichard Price –Almost Awake
PhotojournalismMaria DeKoker –Forming the Ice Glass
CreativeLarry Michelson –Bulls Eye
NatureBruce Severeid –Backflip
AnimalsBruce Benson –Pyrrhuloxia vs Cardinal
GeneralMaria DeKoker –Memories


Bruce Benson –Red Fox Kit
Douglas Hall –A Grandmother’s Hug
Douglas Hall –Writing Letters #6
Douglas Hall –Bluegrass
William Harris –Bubbly Rose
Bruce Severeid –A Break in the Storm
Chrystine Westphal –Warm Sunny Day


Jack Broom –Foggy Marina at Ilwaco
Stanley Buchmiller Sr –Misty Memories
Douglas Hall –The Fiddle #3
Peg Hanson –Blowing Bubbles
William Harris –Lighted Stairs
Michael Hrankowski –Global Warming
Trinda Love –Everybody Dance
Sam Ruljancich –Buses at Rest
David Scott –Autumn Sparrow
Dorinda Wills –Two Gerberas


Kathy Admire – After The Harvest, View from Abandoned Room, Ranch in a Snowstorm, New Orleans Tomb, At Rest in the Desert

Kristina Allums – Forgotten, Martini Explosion, You Looking at Me?, Seattle Night Sky Reflection, Swing In Snow

Bill Ballard – Waterfront Shop, Old Gaucho, Canals of Bruges

Bruce BensonPyrrhuloxia vs Cardinal – Best of Animals, Red Fox Kit – Judges Choice

Ellen Bogenschutz – Bee And Lamb’s Ear, Hood Ornament, Grapes In Pedestal Bowl, Short Eared Owl on Post, Salt Creek Sunset

Guy Bralley – Moonrise at Canyon Lands, Fall Colors at the Event Horizon – Second Place, Take Off, Sunset Skyline, Short Eared Owl

Jack Broom – Juniper Tree, Mojave Desert, In a Sunflower,Foggy Morning at Olympic Sculpture Park, Four Peaks, Arizona, Foggy Marina at Ilwaco – Honorable Mention

Stanley Buchmiller Sr – Spring Ahead, Broken limb, Misty Memories – Honorable Mention, Onyx, My Best Friend

Thomas Cannuli – viper drift, mary’s prayer, lupin fields, self portrait (purple heart), not Willie

Bruce Carpenter – Egret Stare, Is That A Puddy Tat?, Osprey Landing, Woffie, Working Hands

Sylvia Cornette – Sunrise Over Smokey Yellowstone, Flying Into the Future, You Looking At Me?, Magnolia Spring Blossom

William Cornette – Waiting for Godot, Great Blue Heron as Dracula, Great Blue Heron Sunning Himself

Jerry Coupe – Eagles On The Chilkat River, Rail Fence – New Mexico, Amidst The Redwoods, Autumn Dogwood, Cherry Tree Blossoms

Maria DeKokerMemories – Best of General, Neglected, Laundry, Elephant Ice Sculpture, Forming The Ice Glass – Best of Photojournalism

Sue Dietz – Twilight, Kaleidoscope, “You want some of this?!!”, “Storm’s a comin’”, Tattered

Melodi Downs – What You Lookin’ At?, On Top of the World, Saltwater State Park, Sunset at the Wind Farm

Douglas HallA Grandmothers Hug – Judges Choice, The Fiddle #3 – Honorable Mention, Writing Letters #6 – Judges Choice, Bluegrass – Judges Choice, Creative Lights #178

Peg Hanson – The Humble Hunter, Welcome to the World, Hawkeye, Outdone by Autumn, Blowing Bubbles – Honorable Mention

William HarrisCircular Stairs – Best of Show, Bubbly Rose – Judges Choice, Solo Lady, Cold Bench, Lighted Stairs – Honorable Mention

Henry Heerschap – Twitter, Explained, Homestead, Wall Silo, The Mountain, Mandarin Emerging

Lauren Heerschap – Salvation Mountain Paint Cans, Desert Landscape, Cheetah, Inside a Fractall Ball – Best of Abstract, Shelf Lichen

Michael HrankowskiRocks in Still Water – First Place, Global Warming – Honorable Mention, South Georgia Coastline In Summer – Best of Landscape, Oregon Coast Afternoon, Clematis Seed Head #1 – Third Place

Debbie Klosowski – Desert Window, Brooklyn Bridge, I’m All Ears, Dark Fortress, Cavern Chandelier

Judi KubesColors by Nature, Desert Swirls, Dramatic Coast, Eerie Passageway, Tulip Bouquet

Trinda Love – A Walk With Dan, Dreams of Going Home, Everybody Dance! – Honorable Mention, Memories of You, Welcome to Oz

Dana Martell – Tropical Sunset, Mountains with Cloud Shadows, What Big Teeth You Have, Holiday Bridge, Circles from Above

Peggy McClure – Another World, Winter on the Dosewallips

Larry MichelsonBull Eye – Best of Creative, Honest Days Work, End of a Great Night, Les Davis Pier, Marched Across Germany

Julia Narvaez – Approaching Storm, Enchanted Forest, Potpourri, Splendid Memories

Loren Parker – An Afternoon In The Serengeti, Does Life Get Better Than This?, I Know You Lion!, Nala Vibes

Richard Price – Forest Stream, Big Sky Country, Moon Over Ranier, Almost Awake – Best of People, Tree

Eric Randall – Undaunted, Sign “O” the Times, Face in the Crowd, Convergence – Best of Architecture, Solo in Seattle

Mark Rehberg – The Pride of Juanita Bay, Neowise at Sunrise Point, Great Blue in Golden Light

Sam Ruljancich – Palouse Relic, Stump, Buses at Rest – Honorable Mention, Science Fiction

David ScottAutumn Sparrow – Honorable Mention, Comfy Cow Dog, Mouse on a Palm, Pines in the Canyon, Under a Cottonwood Tree

Bruce SevereidBackflip – Best of Nature, Fleeing the Chaos, A Break in the Storm – Judges Choice, Gig Harbor, Colliding Currents

Sharon Styer – A Winter’s Mist at Titlow Pond

Richard Thomas – Nose Job, Git “Em, Christine Falls, Transit Architecture, Oakesdale Mill

A. Chrystine WestphalWarm Sunny Day – Judges Choice, Rogue Elephant Meeting, Heat of the Day, Not My Baby, Mama’s Lunch Date

Lorryn Whisnant – Burroughs Mountain Loop Trail, Sunset at Chambers Bay

Tedd Wilkinson – Sunset on the Harbor – Oceanside, CA, Mount St. Helens – First Snow

Bob Wills – Purple Flowers, Waterfront Reflections

Dorinda Wills – Beyond, Dreamy – Best of Floral, I Wanna Be a Cowgirl, Quiet Lunch – Best of Monochrome, Two Gerberas – Honorable Mention

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