Service Points Opportunity

I was teasing one of our senior members the other day about not entering any photos into competition. He responded by saying

Great! I can win a boat load of photo points, but I need at least one service point to progress in rank.

While talking to Heather about another matter, I mentioned this dilemma. We thought about it for a moment, and she suggested that anybody who creates an article for the website is deserving of a service point.

Excellent Idea – Serendipity – as the gecko likes to say. So…

Create a short article about some photographic subject and paste it into this form. If our editorial board approves it, Points to you!

Article types may be: an event; a tutorial; some news report.

Dick Knudsen’s article about the Anza-Borrego Desert Photo Contest is an excellent example of an event. One point to Dick.

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