Results – March 2022 Projection Division

Competition Summary

Total Images Entered50 
Number of Submitters13 
Number of Voters17 
 DivisionAssigned Topic
Images by Division2723
Popular Vote First Place (1.5 point)12
Popular Vote Second Place (1 point)13
Popular Third Place 1/2 point22
Honorable Mention33
Images earning 1 point for exceeding member’s threshold19
Images earning 1/2 point for score 27+3
Images For Comment14
Images Not For Comment22

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Division — Judges’ scoring
– the following images received photographic points for judges’ scores exceeding each individual’s scoring threshold.

TitleAuthorScore Point 
Dramatic CoastJudi Kubes1
Diving Hooded MerganserBud Ralston1
Brooklyn Bridge Side ViewDebbie Klosowski1
Gang at the barJoe Tieger1
Annas HummingbirdBud Ralston1
Holy Rosary and RainierTrinda Love1
Fall ReflectionsEugene Eckhardt1
Take OffMaggie Tieger1
Sunset in CoupevilleKristina Allums1
Just LookingSal Ahmed1
HoodooMaria DeKoker1
On the WaterWilliam (Bud) Harris1
Tacoma Narrows SunsetTrinda Love1
Sand And Driftwood AbstractRichard Knudson1
Nile CrocodileMaggie Tieger1
Forgotten FordKristina Allums1
Texaco Building with Water TowerDebbie Klosowski1
Wood Duck-McLaneEugene Eckhardt1
End of SummerCarolyn Walker1

Popular Vote Awards

TitleCreatorCategoryJudges ScorePop VoteAwardPV Point
Sunset in CoupevilleKristina Allums22.03.a) Division: Not for Comment284.21st Place1.5
CapitolCheryl Thielhorn22.03.c) Assigned Topic: Architecture4.31st Place1.5
Hungarian ParliamentEugene Eckhardt22.03.c) Assigned Topic: Architecture31st Place1.5
On the WaterWilliam (Bud) Harris22.03.b) Division: For Comment2842nd Place1
Mans Architecture vs NaturesRichard Knudson22.03.c) Assigned Topic: Architecture3.12nd Place1
Holy Rosary and RainierTrinda Love22.03.a) Division: Not for Comment263.93rd Place0.5
Woodland BeautyDigital4822.03.b) Division: For Comment263.93rd Place0.5
Cell Phone Space NeedleKristina Allums22.03.c) Assigned Topic: Architecture33rd Place0.5

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