Review – June 2021 Topic: Stairs

Competition Summary

Images Entered 18 First Place 1
Allowed Votes 4 Second Place 2
Not for Comment 9 Third Place 2
For Comment 9 Honorable Mention 10

Title Member Place
Circular Stairs William (Bud) Harris 1st Place
stairs Kathy Admire 2nd Place
Entrance to # 5 Nancy Mooney 2nd Place
Vacant Maria DeKoker 3rd Place
staircase Kathy Admire 3rd Place
Battery Stairs Kristina Allums HM
Dryad School Maria DeKoker HM
The Performance Debbie Klosowski HM
Steps to the Well Jaipur Debbie Klosowski HM
Going Up William (Bud) Harris HM
Vandalized Cheryl Thielhorn HM
Redwood Rise Tucker Broadwell HM
UWT Library Steps Carolyn Walker HM
Stairway to Home Nancy Mooney HM
Smith Center Cheryl Thielhorn HM

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