Review – December 2021 Projection Division

Member Scores

TitleMakerCategoryJudges ScorePop VotePlace
Hot ShopCarla Gramlich21.12.a) Division: Not for Comment293.9HM
Logging RoadCarla Gramlich21.12.b) Division: For Comment273.6
Choosing is Hard WorkCarolyn Walker21.12.c) Assigned Topic: Choice2.4
Pink BeautyCheryl Thielhorn21.12.a) Division: Not for Comment2843rd Place
BlacktailCheryl Thielhorn21.12.a) Division: Not for Comment273.6
Eye of the TigerDebbie Klosowski21.12.a) Division: Not for Comment284.12nd Place
Melon MouthDebbie Klosowski21.12.b) Division: For Comment273.6
BridgeEugene Eckhardt21.12.a) Division: Not for Comment232.9
Misty PortEugene Eckhardt21.12.b) Division: For Comment242.8
DrumstickJoe Tieger21.12.a) Division: Not for Comment253.1
LookoutJoe Tieger21.12.b) Division: For Comment283.9HM
St. Ignatius 2Kathy Admire21.12.a) Division: Not for Comment274.31st Place
floatsKathy Admire21.12.a) Division: Not for Comment293.9HM
Bright SpotMaggie Tieger21.12.a) Division: Not for Comment274.12nd Place
WatchfulMaggie Tieger21.12.b) Division: For Comment274.31st Place
EngineRichard (Charles) Price21.12.a) Division: Not for Comment242.9
Color RedRichard (Charles) Price21.12.b) Division: For Comment242.7
Color and FlowRichard Knudson21.12.a) Division: Not for Comment253.2
Web of ColorsRichard Knudson21.12.b) Division: For Comment263.4
The Palouse Night SkyTrinda Love21.12.a) Division: Not for Comment2943rd Place
Almost ButterTrinda Love21.12.b) Division: For Comment273.6
Getting ReadyTrinda Love21.12.c) Assigned Topic: Choice3.4

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