Results: Print Division – September 2021

Gecko at Lunch by Dave Scott
This image is from the August meeting as members did not submit images for publication for the September meeting.

The September meeting of the Print Division was held on Thursday, September 16th at the Waller Road Grange. There were seven members entering a total of 17 prints.

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The Society Print Division met on Thursday, September 16th to present and review photos.

There were seven members entering a total 17 prints.

Competition Summary

Total Images Entered170
DivisionAssigned Topic
Images by Division17
First Place1
Second Place2
Third Place 1
Honorable Mention2
Images For Comment7
Images Not For Comment10

The following table recognizes our popular vote winners

Cannon BeachMaria DeKoker1st Place
Small DropRichard Price2nd Place
Classic BuickDouglas Hall2nd Place
Looking for LunchBruce Benson3rd Place
Balcony ShadowDouglas HallHM
Soft LandingMaria DeKokerHM

The following table lists member scores for each image.

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