Results – PSA Interclub Projected Image and Nature Competitions (Round 1.)

Overview of PSA 

PSA was founded in 1934.  Today it is a worldwide organization with member organizations in over 80 countries located in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, South and Central America, Europe, the South Pacific and North America (the US and Canada). In Washington State alone, there are chapters in Yakima, Bremerton, Vancouver, Silverdale, Longview, Sedro-Woolley, Des Moines, Olympia, Sequim, Lake Stevens, Edmonds, Seattle, Buckley, Bellevue, Kenmore, Spokane (two clubs), and Kennewick.  PSA offers many member benefits.  For example, if you are traveling, you can contact someone in a chapter (go to the PSA website) with questions as to where to photograph, etc.  PSA also holds an annual conference (Colorado Springs in 2020), publishes a monthly magazine, hosts exhibitions, sponsors training, provides discounts, etc.  As a member of TPS you can participate in many of these offerings.

PSA also sponsors several competitions.  TPS participates in two – Projected Image (PID) and Nature – along with hundreds of other clubs.  The PID is an ‘open’ competition, whereas images in the Nature Division must adhere to PSA’s ‘nature definition’.   In each of 4 rounds, participating clubs submit 6 images.  Based on ranking, Clubs are divided into groups of 21 to 25 for a given year.  We compete as a club AND as individuals within our designated group.  Clubs take turns judging the images.  At the end of each competition year, clubs are ‘reordered’ into groups based upon their scores for that year.  You are encouraged to go to the PSA website to view winning images.  

TPS results are in for Round 1 of 4 in the 2019-20 competition year:

In the Nature Division, we are in Group B, where we are ranked 6th out of 21 clubs. Congratulations to Dan Suckow for winning an individual award with Lean on Me.   In the Projected Image Division we are in Group A, where we are currently ranked 18th out of 25 clubs.

Thanks to Bud Harris, Maggie Tieger, Steve Russell, Judi Kubes, Bruce Benson, Dan Suckow, Trinda Love and Tim Clifton for use of their images in this first round.  Round 2 will be submitted in February 2020.   TPS does extremely well in these highly competitive contests.

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