Results: Projection Division – October, 2019

The October meeting of the Projection Division was held on Thursday, October 3, 2019, at Bates Technical College, South Campus.

It was a small turnout as many of our members were out sick this evening. As a result, the popular vote on which the placing is based was spread evenly across the entries resulting in lots of Honorable Mentions.

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Division Competition

There were 48 images entered into Division Competition. Top 3 places and HM as determined by popular vote. Congratulations to:

1st PlaceIn-the-CloverDan Suckow
2nd PlaceGolden-SunriseMaggie Tieger
2nd PlaceMona-Lisa-SmileTim Clifton
2nd PlaceEjectedCheryl Thielhorn
3rd PlaceFinish-LineDan Suckow
3rd PlaceFire-SunriseTim Clifton
3rd PlaceFloatingHeather Mack
3rd PlaceSpider-LakeRichard Price
HMEvil-EyeSteven Russell
HMWell-Traveled-SuitcasesDebbie Klosowski
HMYellow-bike-with-Colored-DoorsDebbie Klosowski
HMPerfect-PoseSteven Russell
HMKitsap-PeninsulaBob Wills
HMBirds-in-the-BushDavid Scott
HMRoseatte-SpoobillBruce Benson
HMBeaconintheGloomJudi Kubes
HMDusty Road morningTrinda Love
HMCow-GirlBud Harris
HMStretchMaggie Tieger
HMHold-OnCarla Gramlich
HMMe-and-My-ScooterDorinda Wills

Assigned Topic

The Assigned Topic or Theme for October was: Food

There were 18 images entered into Society Competition. Top 3 places as determined by popular vote. Congratulations to:

1st PlaceCheeriosJim Grasley
2nd PlaceKing-RamenCarla Gramlich
3rd PlaceGreek-LunchNancy Mooney
3rd PlaceRefreshingKathy Admire
3rd PlaceBuy-My-CoconutsJoe Tieger
3rd PlaceSlovian MarketMaggie Tieger

Please consult your Activity Report to see how your entries fared. A link to your Activity Report will be found at the bottom of Your Member Profile Page.

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