Results: Print Division – June 2019

The June meeting of the Projection Division was held on Thursday, June, 20, at Bates Technical College, South Campus.

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Division Competition

There were 37 images entered into Division Competition. Top 3 places and HM as determined by popular vote. Congratulations to:

1st PlaceClose ProximityDan Suckow15 Popular Votes
2nd PlaceDockedWilliam Bud Harris12 Popular Votes
3rd PlaceFrozen Fog IIWilliam Bud Harris10 Popular Votes
HMWater Tower StairsDouglas Hall9 Popular Votes
HMLadys MantleDorinda Wills8 Popular Votes
HMLayers of TextureDick Knudson8 Popular Votes
HMWater GrassDave Scott8 Popular Votes

Assigned Topic

The Assigned Topic, or Theme for Jun is: JUXTAPOSITION

There were 8 images entered into Society Competition. Top 3 places as determined by popular vote. Congratulations to:

1st PlaceThe Blue Tulip RiverJacqueline Miller14 Popular Votes
1st PlaceHangin’ Out with the Big BoysRichard Wendt14 Popular Votes
2nd PlaceBicycle StandTrinda Love11 Popular Votes
2nd Place2 Plus 1Richard Price11 Popular Votes

Please consult your Activity Report to see how your entries fared. A link to your Activity Report will be found at the bottom of Your Member Profile Page.

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