Results – June 2021 Projection Division

The Online Competition voting completed at midnight, Wednesday, June 2

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Competition Summary

Images Entered36   First Place2
Allowed Votes6Second Place3
Not for Comment19Third Place2
For Comment17Honorable Mention3

Congratulations to our placing competitors:

Judi KubesHoodoos Under Stars1st Place
Carla GramlichWhite Crowned Sparrow among the lupines1st Place
Trinda LoveBeaver pond on Pioneer2nd Place
Maggie TiegerWindflower2nd Place
Tim CliftonA Memory2nd Place
Kathy AdmireWelcome Spring3rd Place
Tim CliftonA View In My Window3rd Place
Trinda LoveTopsy Turvy Waves at LongbeachHM
Judi KubesDivine LightHM
William (Bud) HarrisEmpty ChairHM

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