Results from Round 2 of PSA Nature Competition

The results of Round 2 of PSA’s Interclub Nature Competition are in.  TPS should be very proud.  Our total score for this round was 67 – one point below placing 3rd.  The top scoring club was 70 so one can see how well we did.  TPS placed 5th out of 41 clubs in Class B.  Our overall standing is 13th in Class B – but the point totals are VERY CLOSE!

I especially want to thank Debbie Klosowski, Dick Knudson, Doug Hall, Steve Russell, Joe Tieger and Maggie Tieger for allowing us to submit their images for the second round.  A special congratulations goes to Steve Russell.  His image,  Dinner from Dad,  received an Honorable Mention.  It’s a big deal.  Competition is fierce.

Individual scores (range was 3 to 14):

  • Debbie Klosowski/Lion Cubs in Tree -10
  • Dick Knudson/American Avocet Pair -11
  • Doug Hall/Waterfall Gorge 1-12
  • Steve Russell/Dinner from Dad 13/HM
  • Joe Tieger/Ring Tailed Leumur Focused-10
  • Maggie Tieger/Sifaka Leaping  11

Round 3 images will be collected in March.  Unlike the other interclub competitions, the Nature Competition requires that photographers adhere to a restrictive Nature Definition.  We are a strong nature club, so I am confident we will continue to do well.  Images with high impact and technical excellence tend to do best in this competition.

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