Results for Print Division, March 2019

The March meeting of the Projection Division was held on Thursday, March 21st, at Bates Technical College, South Campus.

Unfortunately, our process for collecting digital images from our Print Division members requires more work so we don't have a gallery to show you at this time.

Division Competition

There were 28 prints entered into Division Competition. Top 3 places and HM as determined by popular vote. Congratulations to:

1st PlaceSliver of GoldWilliam Bud Harris10 Popular Votes
1st PlaceSeattle LibraryDorinda Wills10 Popular Votes
2nd PlaceNo More MilkBruce Benson9 Popular Votes
2nd PlaceAfter DinnerDawn Umstot9 Popular Votes
3rd PlaceSteam Plant ToolsMaria DeKoker8 Popular Votes
HMMorning BreakawayDavid Pickles7 Popular Votes
HMCold CheeksBruce Carpenter6 Popular Votes
HMSteam PlantMaria DeKoker6 Popular Votes

Assigned Topic

The Assigned Topic, or Theme for February is: Tacoma

There were 8 prints entered into Society Competition. Top 3 places as determined by popular vote. Congratulations to:

1st PlaceGrain ElevatorTrinda Love11 Popular Votes
2nd PlaceWinter LingersGerald Wiley9 Popular Votes
2nd PlaceTacoma StarsDick Knudson9 Popular Votes

Please consult your Activity Report to see how your entries fared. A link to your Activity Report will be found at the bottom of Your Member Profile Page

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