Results — April 2022 Projection

Competition Summary

Total Images Entered59 
Number of Submitters13 
Number of Voters15 
 DivisionAssigned Topic
Images by Division3623
Popular Vote First Place (1.5 point)11
Popular Vote Second Place (1 point)13
Popular Third Place 1/2 point12
Honorable Mention13
Images earning 1 point for exceeding member’s threshold20
Images earning 1/2 point for judges’ score of 27 points or more17
Images For Comment14
Images Not For Comment22

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Division — Judges’ scoring
– the following images received photographic points for judges’ scores exceeding each individual’s scoring threshold.

SilasMichael Diegel1
Pelicans PosingSteve Russell1
Going to BreakfastJoe Tieger1
WhiskersJoe Tieger1
HummingbirdBruce Benson1
ScrewedKristina Allums1
FloatsKathy Admire1
Aurora ArchJudi Kubes1
Red Leg Honey CreeperBruce Benson1
Steve RussellSteve Russell1
Tulip BouquetJudi Kubes1
Group PortraitMaggie Tieger1
Sunset Blue RoseTrinda Love1
Close FlyingWilliam (Bud) Harris1
Grace CathedralEugene Eckhardt1
Swing in SnowKristina Allums1
Alaska SunsetMaria DeKoker1
Sandhill CraneMichael Diegel1
Magical Mount RainierNancy Mooney1
TwigsMaria DeKoker1
Old Barn WallDebbie Klosowski1
viewKathy Admire1
May FlowerMaggie Tieger1
ThistleTrinda Love1
Foggy SunriseDawn Umstot1
Gates of ParadiseEugene Eckhardt1
Best Parking SpotDawn Umstot1
Carlsbad Cavern ChandelierDebbie Klosowski1

Popular Vote Awards

TitleAuthorCategoryJudges ScorePop VotePV Award
Pelicans PosingStevereno22Not for Comment294.42nd Place
Red Leg Honey CreeperBruce BensonNot for Comment284.23rd Place
WhiskersJoe TiegerFor Comment294.1HM
HummingbirdBruce BensonFor Comment294.71st Place
Fern In LightKristina AllumsNegative Space3.3HM
Port Townsend DuskBob WillsNegative Space3.52nd Place
Kite SurfingDorinda WillsNegative Space3.3HM
EggMaria DeKokerNegative Space3.91st Place
ConnectionsDawn UmstotNegative Space3.43rd Place

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