Rearranging the Furniture

At the last projection meeting, there were a number of complaints about the website layout. Totally justified in my opinion. Especially as I had been considering what to do to make some key information more obvious.

The Front Page

I have been working – more off than on – on an update to the slide show that runs on the front page.

Today I downloaded a major update to the WordPress plugin that drives that slideshow. The update forced my hand by breaking what was there.

New Sideshow is Post Based

The new plugin allows me to drive the slideshow off of posts that have a special tag attached. When you look at it, you will see it displays a number of upcoming events followed by this year’s competition results.

Clicking or tapping on a slide will take you to the post that the slide represents. A quick way to get to the details – especially for the competition entry posts which were the biggest source of complaints.

The Competition Tab

The options under the Competition Tab in the menu at the top of the page has been reworked. Here are the elements:


This is where you will find all posts relating to competitions. The posts are entered from most current to oldest.

If there is a competition open for entry, it will be at the top of this list. Everything below are competition results.

Projection Division Rules

The rules of entry into the Projection Competitions

Print Division Rules

The rules of entry into the Print Competitions

Judging Guidelines

Guidelines that are applied when our judges do their thing.

Assigned Topics – Themes For…

The list of Assigned topics for the current year. Usually running out to June.

More to Come

We will be making some changes to the way we manage memberships on this site. The intent is to make it easier to maintain who can view what content based on membership.

Because this area has a significant impact on your ability to access the site, we are doing a lot of testing and discussion of different options before implementing this change.

Expect a post explaining what we are doing soon.

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