Projection Division Moves Back Online

The COVID Swirl

We all know the world is in an upset condition these days. Masks on – masks off – in person meetings – virtual meetings. Which way do we go?

Our print meeting last week (August 19) proved to be successful, we thought. There were fifteen entries with nine members and one guest in attendance. A full report is forthcoming.

So, while we would like to go back to a normal state, where all meetings are in person, and while we have a great facility at our disposal, your Board of Directors has decided that we should continue to host our Projection Division online for the next few months.

September Projection Competition

The September Projection Competition is open and awaiting your entries. The contest page is here: September 2021 Projection Division.

There are CHANGES!

To reduce the amount of work it takes to manage these meetings and competitions, we have made some changes to the system. First, Assigned Topic images will be entered into the same contest as Division Images. Second, Judging and Popular Vote will take place at the same time.

Pay attention to the Categories

When you enter your image, you have the option to assign a category. For the current competition, these categories are:

  • a) Division: Not For Comment (default)
  • b) Division: For Comment
  • c) Assigned Topic: Forms in Nature

The first one is selected by default.

Vote by Category

When you go to vote on the submitted images, we recommend you review all the images and then select category a), vote for your favorites, then category b), vote your favorites, then category c) to vote for those favorites.

This could be confusing as you will need to split your Division votes between both Category a) and b).


Judging will happen at the same time as Popular Vote.

Judges are asked to Rate each image in the Division categories (a) and b)). The rating is five stars for this competition. One star will translate to six judges points on the TPS scale.
(💥=6, 💥💥=7, 💥💥💥=8, 💥💥💥💥=9, 💥💥💥💥💥=10).

Judges will rate all Division images. (Categories a) and b)). Judges will not participate in Popular Vote for Division Images. They will be able to participate in Popular Vote for Assigned Topic images.

Popular Vote

Popular vote will be taken at the same time as judging so all members will use the same rating system to register their vote for an image. BUT you may only vote/rate number of images for each category – Division ((a, (b), and Assigned Topic (c)).

If you really like an image and rate it as five-star, great. However, that image will only receive one popular vote as per TPS rules.

Confused yet 🙄. If you vote for more images than the assigned vote count, all of your votes will be ignored.

Why so complicated?

We are working within the constraints of the competition software. It doesn’t understand Popular Vote. It also doesn’t understand two voting systems at the same time.

After voting closes, the Division Secretary will download the competition results and put them through an Excel worksheet. The worksheet will calculate the results. We will then create a results post and a review post for the meeting as we have done in the past.


If you have questions, please put them into the comments below and we will provide an answer.

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