Opportunity to Be a Judge for the Pierce County Fair!

The Pierce County Fair (Graham) is a small local fair that is held in August.  The fair has a small photo competition each year.  There is one competition for children/youth and a separate one for adults.  They are looking for two people to judge this year.

Since there are just two judges, the judging is simply an in/out type of judging (no numerical scoring). The two judges can work independently or can work together. It’s a great way to further share your expertise and to develop your judging skills.

Judging will be on Sunday, August 2.  Judging starts at about 9 am to about 3-4 pm. Lunch is included and a small stipend is paid to the judges.

We have many members who are qualified to do this if you are interested, please contact Janey Sumner at  iseeourmoon@gmail.com.  I’m sure Janey would like to have judges lined up as soon as possible.

If any questions, feel free to contact me.

       Dorinda Wills



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