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We are pleased to announce that the membership of the Tacoma Photographic Society now has a store through which they can purchase and renew their memberships.

Logged In

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Once Logged In, you will find the store under the Member’s Tab on the Main Menu. Look for TPS Member Store.

Two New Member Items

You may also notice a related item in the list, My Store Account. This second page works with the store page. When you make a purchase through the store, you can check it’s status through your Store Account.

So, we have two new pages related to the store, TPS Member Store, and My Store Account

Many Name and Address Fields

This website uses WordPress as its foundation. Once WordPress was up and running on our server, we then added plug-ins to extend the functionality of WordPress beyond a simple blogging site. Unfortunately this architecture introduces some redundancy.

Basic WordPress requires names, and emails.

We added more fields when we kicked off the site to hold your mailing address and club records

Now, with the addition of the Store, we have added a set of bill to and ship to addresses.

Reduce & Simplify

Because of the redundancy we have introduced, we are replacing the name and address fields we originally set up with the bill to fields of the Store plug-in. This means we, you and the site management, will not need to manage as much.

Two Management Pages

We do, however have two management pages:

  • My Membership
  • My Store Account

My Membership

Using the tabs provided, this page allows you to manage the following:

  • Identity – Your club membership information. This is the core WordPress account information
  • Address – this is the mailing information that the Society maintains about you primarily for the Society Roster and Yearbook. It is a copy of the bill to fields on the My Store Account page
  • Family – because we offer family membership discounts, we needed a way to relate your account to your family members. This is the only purpose of this tab.
  • Subscriptions – you can manage your email subscriptions from this tab

My Store Account

This page is added by the plug-in we are using for the TPS Member Store.

This page opens to the Store Dashboard. There are links to pages which allow you to view past Orders; available Downloads (although we don’t have any at this time); your Addresses.

The Addresses shown will only be the Billing Address unless you have had reason to enter a Shipping Address at some time. We do not actively maintain the Shipping data.

Future Shop Items

At this time, all we are selling on this site are memberships.

In the future, we can use this site to sell other items as the Society desires. Things like tickets to our social functions come immediately to mind, as do tickets to seminars and such.

What do you think we can put up for sale on this Store that will benefit the Society?

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