Online Projection Division Competitions

At our last meeting, October Online Competition #2, we talked about how we are going to change things up.

  1. The first meeting of the month, on the first Thursday of the month, will become the Projection Division Competition
  2. The second meeting, on the third Thursday, will be either an education/workshop session, or a Society sponsored theme competition.

This article will explain how the Online Projection Division Competition is going to work.

Images Will be Judged by a Jury

The biggest change from our current online process will be the addition of a Judges Panel, or Jury. This is the same as at our in-person meetings where we have four members judge the images on a scale of 6 to 10 points. You can find the criteria here on the Judging Guidelines page.

How judges will rate the images is described on a new Juried Competition Steps Page. This a subpage from the Judging Guidelines page.

Important Note!

Members of the Jury will not be able to participate in the popular vote. Due to constraints built into the competition software, a member is only allowed to vote once. Voting as a member of the Jury counts towards that vote. We have not been able to create a workaround so Jury members will rate each image but not participate in the popular vote.

Not Pointless

Had to use that headline – not sorry –

All members will be awarded Projection Division Photographic Points based on how their images score. The formulas are defined in the Society Bylaws here.


Division competition will span fourteen days, from opening to meeting.

5 Days

Competition is Open for Entries

Friday through Tuesday
All active society members may enter images

5 Days
4 Days

Jury Rating of Images

Wednesday through Saturday
The Jury will provide rate image on our 6 to 10 scale

4 Days
4 Days

Popular Vote

Sunday through Wednesday
All active society members (except judges) will be able to vote for their favorites

4 Days
1 Day

Projection Division Meeting

Compile and post results
Hold Projection Division Meeting.

1 Day

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