Olympic Kennel Club Dog Show Wrap Up

Alrighty then!

It is Monday, August 19th. I have just survived a very full week because of my damn dog! I’m putting the blame on Liddy because she is the reason we became associated with the Olympic Kennel Club.

This is a very good thing to load onto her 😍. Through the OKC we learned about PawsAbilities and who helped us form the team we are today. The benefits to June and I have been huge so it gives us great pleasure that we can support OKC in this way.


In a previous post, I reported back from our meeting with OKC about their show. What they expected, and what we were looking for. As I said in that post, the OKC members were very excited that we would want to come to their event and share our work with them.

That post was also the final opportunity for members to sign up to the event. Bruce Benson, Heather Mack, Dan Sukow, Jim Martinson, Cheryl Thielhorn, Bruce Carpenter, and June Scott joined Liddy and me on several days at the show. Oh and Tim (reddish) Clifton – I recall he was there too 😊

The show is a 5-day affair held every year at the Enumclaw Expo Center, usually around the 17th of August. This year was their 75th attempt to pull off the perfect show. I have to say they got very very close!


In addition to the stereotypical conformation events, there are lots of action opportunities. I will miss a few but here we go:

  • Conformation – where the dogs are judged as to how well they conform to their breed standards
  • Obedience – where dog and handler must complete a set of tasks
  • Rally-Obedience – where dog and handler must walk a course and complete each task that is represented as a pictogram sign at each station
  • Agility – This is the action sport that we all know and find fascinating to watch
  • Barn Hunt – Picture a rat in a large plastic tube – The tube is hidden in a pile of hay bales – The dog has to find the rats.
  • Disk Dog – Freestyle and distance catch and retrieve of disks
  • Lure Coursing – where the dogs chase a lure downfield at speeds in excess of 20 miles per hour
  • Dock Diving – The header image to this post says it all
  • Weight Pull – The dog must pull a loaded cart a short distance. The cart started at 250 pounds pull and then they add weights from there


I would like to give a big shout out to Jennifer Babb. She was at the fair every day to provide our members with information and their access badges.

The entire OKC membership was so helpful to us in so many ways

Thank You!


Below is a gallery of member photos from the event. Click on an image to enter the slideshow.

If you are a Society Member and have images to share, please log in to the site. Logged in Society Members will see the instructions for uploading images to the gallery – Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Olympic Kennel Club Dog Show Wrap Up”

  1. I know this was supposed to be a learning experience for your club, but it turned out to be a great experience for ours. Thank you, to all the photographers who have shared the photos, it has created a moment in history.

  2. I would like to attend all of the days for the 2021 show; however, I will have to play it by ear according to how hot it is on each day. I can’t handle being outside on the really hot sunny days of 85-90 degrees or more! Thanks, Cheryl Thielhorn

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