Tacoma Photographic Society recognizes members for their photographic achievements and for their service to The Society. A ranking system has been devised to enable members to track their progress. This section expands on Article 12 of the Society Bylaws showing how this ranking system functions and how members receive awards to recognize that progress.

Society Rank

Society Rank is computed based on the sum of the member’s Service Points and their Photographic Points. To progress in rank, the member must have a minimum of one new Service Point and one new Photographic Point during the competition year.

RankPhotographic Points
R1Member1 through 25.5
R2Associate26 through 60.5
R3Fellow61 through 95.5
R4Star Fellow96 through 130.5
R5Two Star Fellow131 through 165.5
R6Three Star Fellow166 through 200.5
R7Four Star Fellow201 through 235.5
R8Five Star Fellow236 through 270.5
R9Six Star Fellow271 through 305.5
R10Seven Star Fellow306 through 340.5
R11Eight Star Fellow341 through 375.5
R12Nine Star Fellow376 through 410.5
R13Ten Star Fellow411 through 445.5
R14Star Galaxy
Life Membership
446 through 480.5
R15Two Star Galaxy481 through 515.5
R16Three Star Galaxy516 through 550.5
This table describes the rank classes and the accumulated points required to attain that rank

After R16, rank continues as accumulated points increase in increments of thirty-five points.

New members join with a Society Rank of R1

Service Points

Service points record a member’s contribution to The Society. Service Points are awarded as follows:

  1. Three points for one year in an elected Society or Division office, or for any portion of the year as an appointed board member.
  2. Three points to the recipient of the Presidential Service Award, given to a member for their exceptional service to The Society at the discretion of the President.
  3. Two points for one year as the chairperson of a Society Standing Committee.
  4. One point for service in any Society or Division appointed position.
  5. One point for service as the leader of a scheduled Society or Division activity or program.

Service points are accumulated through years of membership.

Service Awards are presented at the annual awards banquet each time a member has accumulated an increment of 15 Service Points. They may be presented to both Society and Division Affiliate Members.

Photographic Points

Photographic points record a member’s photographic achievements. They are earned through participation in Society and Division competitions.

These competitions include, but are not limited to:

  • Monthly Division Competition Judging
  • Monthly Division Popular Vote
  • Monthly Society-Assigned Topic Popular Vote
  • Annual Division Competition
  • Photo-essay Competition
  • Scavenger Hunt Competition

Division Photographic Points

A Division Member earns Photographic Points for each Division

Division Photographic Points are awarded based on: Judge’s scoring; Division Popular Vote; and Division Annual Competition.

Judges Scores

Member’s entries in Division Competition are judged by a panel. Each judge will rate the entry and assign a score from six to ten points.

Summing the scores from three of the four judges will result in a possible score from 18 to 30.

Award Based on Judge’s Scoring

Depending on the number of Photographic Points a division member has earned, the member will require a judges score in excess of the minimum combined score as defined in the following table.

11 thru 25.522
226 thru 40.523
351 thru 75.524
476 thru 100.525
5101 & higher26

A member of Division Grade 1 would only require a judges score of 22 to receive 1 photographic point.

Members who enter often or have a good aptitude will progress in Division Grade quickly, requiring a higher minimum combined score to achieve a photographic point.

Entries that receive a judges score of 27 or higher will be awarded an additional half photographic point.

Award Based on Popular Vote

At each Division competition, all those present are asked to vote on the images entered. The vote is a simple show of hands with multiple votes allowed depending on the number of entries.

PlacePhotographic Points
First Place2.5 Photographic Points
Second Place1.0 Photographic Points
Third Place0.5 Photographic Points
Honorable MentionNo Photographic Points

Annual Division Competition

The Annual Division Competition is held at the end of The Society’s competition year. The rules for entry are described in a later section.

PlacePhotographic Points
Special Citation Award4.0 Photographic Points
First Place3.5 Photographic Points
Second Place3.0 Photographic Points
Third Place2.5 Photographic Points
Honorable Mention2.0 Photographic Points
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