Member Forums Added

Hey all. Looks like today is the day for new features to be added to the site.

First it was the Member Roster, and now it is the Member Forums.

Again, the functionality of this feature is restricted based on membership level. The general public can’t view the forums. Subscribing members can view and browse, but not post.

Active Society Members, Division Affiliates, and Life Members may create new topics in the forums, and post replies to existing topics.

Forum Categories

We have created the following categories:

  • Getting the shot
  • Post processing tools & techniques
  • Gear
  • Other Topics

Each category contains the actual forums which, in turn, contain the discussion topics.

Forum Text Editor

Unfortunately, the text editor tool provided by the software is not as fully featured as we would like. There is a topic in the Website Suggestions & Comments about this already. Check out the topic: Forum Editor

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