How to post an event


You are here because you have been tasked with managing an event. You want to know how to get the event posted to this web site. You have two options:

  1. get someone else to do it
  2. do it yourself

Option one didn’t work so well…

What you need

  • Permission to create a post
  • knowledge about WordPress and how it organizes data
  • knowledge about this site and how we have organized it
  • knowledge about the mailing sub-system

What’s next

In what follows, I am going to walk through the creation of an event post.

This post will be for a workshop to be held mid-September.

 A new member orientation workshop. 

Let’s get started.

Step 1. Getting Started

Do you know what the post is all about?
Have you created the bulk of the post – the description – in your favorite word processor (notepad?, ms word?)
Do you know the audience for the post?
Do you have permission to create a post?


WordPress has the following security roles by default:

  • Subscriber – read only – default level for new members
  • Contributor – can create – can not post
  • Author – can create – can post – can edit own posts
  • Editor – can create – can post – can edit own and other’s posts
  • Administrator – can do everything

We have added additional roles to manage member access:

  • Society Member – copy of Subscriber
  • Division Affiliate – copy of Subscriber
  • Life Member – copy of Subscriber
  • Board Member – copy of Editor
  • Member Manager – custom role for managing our members

And there are roles for managing other things like the store

  • Shop Manager
  • Customer

Board Members

If you are a board member, you will have at least two roles assigned to your profile: Board Member; and one of Society Member; Division Affiliate; Life Member

Because you are a board member, you can create and edit almost any object on the site.

For our purposes, we will assume you have the Editor or Board Member role assigned to your profile.

Member Access

Posts may be restricted such that they are public, or only open to Society members.
If the post is public – move on – don’t need to do anything
If the post is restricted – this is controlled through settings at the bottom of the post editor page.

Step 2: Create a Draft

We are creating an event post.
Go to the web site:
Log in to the web site: MEMBERS > Login

On the My Membership page, you will see your current membership level, and any roles which may have been assigned to you.

Another clue that you have more that read only access is that there is a special tool bar at the top of the page.

Mouse over to + New
Notice there are two EVENT items in the list. DON’T use the first one!
Click on the second EVENT item.
Better yet, on the tool bar, you should see a calendar icon followed by EVENTS. Use ADD EVENT from this menu.

A new page will open with all sorts of options.

Enter a title

The first field will accept the title of your event.

New Member Orientation

Enter a date

Click on the date and a calendar will pop up. You may select your date(s) here.

Enter the description of your event

Is there a cost?

Enter a price in the price field or remove it or skip it.

Who is the owner / organizer?

Enter the name, or select an existing person as the organizer of this event

Where is the event going to be held?

Enter the location, or select an existing location, where this event will be held

If the venue has been used before, it is probably in the list.
If it is a new venue, please fill in the information as completely as necessary so it is there for those who follow.

Save a draft!

You have been clicking on SAVE DRAFT up in the top right corner. Right?

Preview the post

Press Preview up in the top right corner to see what the post will look like

Step 3: Prepare to Publish

On the left of the page, is the WordPress menu which will take you to many mysterious and wonderous places. Stay with me and look right.

On the right of the editor is a column with two tabs: Document; Block.


Blocks are a way of organizing the document. When a block – a paragraph – the date – is selected, options for modifying the selected block are shown.


The attributes of this document are made available here.

Status & Visibility


Almost all posts will be public. If there is a reason to hide it, you will probably want to set a PROFILE BUILDER CONTENT RESTRICTION at the bottom of the page.


This allows you to set the date of publication. Click on Immediately to use the date picker.
This feature is handy for creating a series of events (meetings) and having them appear on a specific date and time.

Pending Review

Check this to have someone else look at the post before it is published – always a good idea.


The person who gets credit for the post – usually you – If the post was created for someone, enter their name here. The author must have the Contributor role to be in this list.

Move to Trash

Obvious – your post can be recovered if you didn’t really want to trash it.


Usually assigned automatically. If you are creating a series of events, such as meetings, use a formula such as: print-202006; projection-2019-09
This will make the link short and specific to the topic


Add two or three tags – keywords – which will make the event easy to search for

Event Categories

Catagories are the names for organizing posts within WordPress. Categories have been predefined and are chosen from the list.

Event Categories are specific to the Events Plugin.
Do NOT create new categories without consulting the administrator. Without some order, the site will fall apart. Catagories are used for creating specific lists off of the menu such as CALENDAR > MEETINGS > PRINT MEETINGS

Featured Image

The featured image is selected from the Media folder and will be shown at the top of the post page


This is a short description of the event.
Another way to create an excerpt, place a MORE Block somewhere in the description. What is above the block will be in the Events list.


Usually there is no need for discussion on events. This is something the membership as a whole should talk about outside of this post.

Event Options

These options are self explanitory or have a help prompt (?)


This is an option that can have an action scheduled against the post. On a specific date: Move the post to Trash; Move the post back to Draft; Mark the post with a prefix (Closed)

Step 4, Sliders, Restrictions and Contents

Revolution Slider Options

A Slider is a prepared slide show. The Revolution Slider is a tool for creating and presenting slide shows. It comes packaged with our theme.

Discussion of this tool is outside the scope of this article

Profile Builder Content Restriction

This is what says who can view a post.

Display For

If the post is open to anybody… then don’t set any options here.

If the post is open only to members, just click Logged in Users. This will enable all members with an account to view the post. All members includes past members and other Subscribers.

If the post is open only to Paying Members, click Logged in Users, Society Member, Division Affiliate and Life Member. You MUST select all of these boxes.

Type of Restriction

Leave the setting to Settings Default. A discussion of the other options is out of scope for this article.

Table of Contents

We have a plugin which will automatically create a table of contents for all posts and pages on this site. You may customize the settings for your post by selecting your options here.

Step 5, Publish

Having completed all of the stuff above, take a deep breath and press the PUBLISH button in the upper right corner.

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